Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just What the Doctor Ordered

It's a happy day here at the hacienda.

Lazy, but not.

I'm currently working on a decoupage project made all the easier by the big mondo tablet of decorative papers that I got at the craft store Friday.

I've been relaxing so hard, I forgot to feed the child! I realized it after she went and got a loaf of bread out of the refrigerator and began eating it. That along with the cookie dough she ate while we were making (more) sugar cookies should hold her for awhile. At least through naptime. I promise to give her some vegetables when she wakes up, O.K.?

In lieu of going to the gym today in the rain (let's face it, I just want to stay home), I exercised with another video I found recently: Denise Austin's Burn Fat Fast - Cardio, Dance and Sculpt.
I think I like it. It's certainly higher energy than the 2 mile walk video I've been doing. If I can just get past her constant breath-y voiced commentary.

Yesterday, I took my girl to a birthday party. It was a tea party! (With hot chocolate.) It was a lot of fun since the girls are only a year apart. We were the only ones out of about 8 invited, that showed up! That was kind of good as it was raining cats and dogs and the house is small. It was very relaxed and the girls went and played in the bedroom. The two moms ended up there playing as well. I'll never grow up!

The day's not over and everyone (except me) is napping... (but not for long), so I gotta scram if I want to do some artsy stuff.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Retail Therapy

Well, Savannah welcomed me into her bosom with open arms.

On the hour drive down, I found a radio station playing Jazz. It was just the thing. Relaxing, yet upbeat.

Ironically, I still didn't get to go downtown into the funky creative shops and explore. I was up in the retail chain area. I made that my first priority because I really wanted to get my girl some more pajamas from Target. I figured there would be a GREAT sale and some really cute stuff. The sale wasn't as much as I had hoped and there was little to no selection. I did find one pair in her current size, it's better than nothing. Cute penguin print too.

While at the mall, I hit a craft store. I found a pack of decorative papers and a variety pack of ink pads in different colors. That will be fun to play with this weekend!

On to Rugged Wearhouse, which was highly recommended by two of my employees. Good concept: cheap, namebrand clothing. I found nothing. Oh well.

Then: my heart began to beat a little faster as I headed toward Barnes and Noble. However, that was tempered by looking at my watch and realizing I needed to head for home soon. (Where DOES the time go?!) I went directly to the magazine section to feed my addiction. Two Photoshop mags for hubby, Somerset's Altered Couture and Dwell for me. (Funny, I thought I got more than that!) I found a Highlight High Five for my girl. She was so cute. "Oooh, wook! A magdazine!" I looked for more of the Somerset mags but didn't really find what I was looking for. At $15 a pop, I try to be choosy. Only getting those I'm REALLY interested in. I would have any of them. They are all so well made and inspirational.
I also found a book that will really benefit my photographer husband, but I will use it too now that the photography bug has bitten me too. It's called Expressions, by Donna Smylie & Allison Tyler Jones. (Taking Estraordinary Photos for Your Scrapbooks and Memory Art.) It's basically a primer for good photography. I've learned a lot from hubby, but this book lays it out very simply and talks about lighting as well. Invaluable info in here. It will be a great rescource.
I really could have stayed in B&N for quite a bit longer looking through music and other books. I think if I had unlimited income, I'd spend it on books and magazines. Then I'd need to build a huge English type library onto the house to hold my wealth.

Time to turn the car toward home. There was quite a bit of traffic, it seemed the cars were pushing each other down the highway. My thought turned toward my emotions felt sated, but I still long to finish my mental list of things to do in Savannah.

I'll just have to go back.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Need to Get Out More

I'm super excited.

This work week has not only been incredibly short, but I hope to go to Savannah tomorrow, my first day off in another long weekend.

Not only, but also...


(giddiness ensues)

I have mixed emotions about being alone when going on a personal shopping trip like this.

1. I can do what I want, if I want, however long I want, where I want.
2. I don't have to wait on anyone or be afraid that they're ready to go and I'm not.
3. I can cover more territory in a shorter amount of time.
4. Or not.
5. I won't have anyone to share this "really cool thing".
6. I won't have anyone to share a good meal with.
7. I probably won't eat a really good meal.
8. I'd kind of feel better, safety-wise, if a friend were with me.
9. There's an hour of silence each way (not counting the radio).
10. With a friend, I could laugh and giggle over stupid stuff for and hour each way.

I have asked Butterbean to come with me. She's one of those friends who likes what I like, and always seems to be in sync with me (or I with her) about when we are ready to go. We both LOVE good food. Alas, it depends on how she feels. She said she feels like she's coming down with the flu. Yikes.

Either way, it will be positively blissful.

OMG, I can't wait!!

************(happy dance)*********************

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was the Best Christmas Ever!

I hope your Christmas was everything you had hoped it would be and then some.

I don't know when I've enjoyed Christmas so much.

It was so leisurely. So simple.

I had no preconceived ideas of making it "special". There was no Christmas breakfast, lunch or supper to be prepared. I made the most delicious chicken and dumplings for supper.

There was no traveling hither and yon to visit family. No family coming to visit. Just us. At home.

The day was dreary, the lights were cheerful. The radio played Handel's Messiah on one station or another most of the day.

It was so much fun watching our girl open her gifts. We had purchased one "big" gift for her (a doll house) and her daddy had gotten her a couple of Preschool Bibles. I gave her a few trinkets in her stocking. But two different friends gave us several things with her in mind. She received several computer preschool games and a video from a friend who had been yardsailing and some books and gymnastic leotards and the cutest frog sleeping bag from a friend who was cleaning out her daughter's toys. She played and played and played. I love to see a child playing and using their imagination.

I was able to lay around and knit and work in my craft room some. The day felt as if it would go on forever and I almost wished it would. In fact, when I went to bed, I lay reading for the longest time, not willing to let the day go.

The whole day was the best Christmas gift ever.

I work today and tomorrow. Part of me wants to stay home and repeat yesterday's relaxation, but I think I'm ready to move onward. I could get used to working two days a week! I have another long weekend coming up!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Little Holiday Cheer

I took a quiz. Are you surprised at the results?

(Not if you know me!)

You Are a Fruitcake
People pretend you're sweet and precious, but they know how weird you really are!

"What Holiday Food Are You?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in the Country

One of my clients told me that they, along with some neighbors do a large Christmas display. She wasn't exaggerating. This is a small portion of some of the lights we saw.
My girl enjoyed all of it so much. We went onto a porch where there were countless interactive toys and villages to see.
It was all such a feast for the eyes and I found myself smiling the whole time. It has taken Rita and Tony about 15 years to build up to this incredible display. It takes about 5 weeks to set it all up. They are out every night greeting people from their porch. Tony plays Santa and if you didn't bring a camera for pictures, Rita is there to snap one for you and prints it out lickity-split for you to take home with you.

Santa kept giving my girl candy canes in hopes that she would warm up to him and sit on his lap for a picture. She did finally get on his lap and gave him a sweet hug which I captured on film, but it came out too dark. By the time I snapped the next one, she was straining to get down. That one turned out. Of course.

I can see this outing becoming a Christmas tradition.

It just goes to prove...

When it comes to Christmas, you never quite grow up.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

This is My Grown-Up Christmas List

I am so rich.

It struck me last night. We were watching the "Pursuit of Happyness" and it suddenly hit me as I looked around...I'm rich.

Sure, the furniture is mostly thrifted, sure, the roof needs to be replaced, the carpet torn up and refloored, BUT... I'm comfortable. I have so much. My fridge is full of food, my house is warm and cozy, I have running hot and cold water. I have a television and a (2!) computers. We have 2 cars. I have more clothing than I can wear at one time. Ditto shoes. In addition to the things I need, I have lots of stuff I don't need. And even if I lost all of that, I have a husband and little girl who love me.

For Christmas, I need nothing more.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Horns Blow, Confetti is Thrown

It's my 100th post today!


Here Comes Santa Claus

I've made it.

Hairs have been colored, combed and curled. Santa will be dazzled by the beauty he encounters at those particular homes.

My clients have humbled me with their thoughtfulness and generosity. As each day progressed this week, a pile of presents grew. Each one more precious and thoughtful than the last. Some clients just gave me "a little extra". Some gave gift certificates to my favorite coffee place. ($75.00 worth, all told!) Some even gave me a little something for my little girl. I am so touched that as they are out, hurrying and scurrying around looking for just the right gift for each family member, that they would remember me and think to get me something too! I feel so selfish. So often, my scope doesn't extend very far past my very own nose. Thanks, dear ones, for reminding me of what Christmas is all about. Acts of kindness and thoughtfulness enacted.

I certainly have some last minute things I'd like to do. But if Christmas comes and I haven't done them, oh well. I'll be with my family and we will snuggle in and just enjoy each other's company.

I went to Posie Gets Cozy and was inspired to do gingerbread houses with my little girl. I don't know if it will happen this go 'round, but I will keep my eye out for the makings for it. It was so much fun to do sugar cookies with her, I'm sure she'll enjoy all the candy at the very least.

Well, must fly. I promised Ms. T (one of my dear twice a week clients, yeah, she's high maintenance but so fun) that I would come in at 8 this am since there was some confusion as to the time of her appointment yesterday. I have to go in and sort the money anyway and that will get me some progress sooner rather than later. Then I will be DONE and can go have fun whatever that means. (It probably means a trip to the grocery.) I want to go check on a possible gift for hubby, but if I take our girl with me, I'm afraid she'll be talking about it and ruin the surprise. For the first time, it's something more creative than buying something and putting it into a box. But. The lawnmower has been repaired also and this other thing is about the same amount of money so the poor boy may get an IOU under the tree. A couple in fact.

Think he'd settle for a hand knitted scarf? Oh wait. He'd get an IOU for that too.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'Tis the Season

Hair's flying.

Color's processing.

Eyebrows are waxing.

It must be Christmas at the salon.

See ya soon if I don't hyperventilate from all the deep, cleansing breaths I've been taking.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Access

Fast, fast. Hurry, hurry.

I don't have Internet access at home for some odd reason. I'm at work posting quickly just to say, "Hi, I'm here. Somewhere."

Have a great day.

See ya soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's My Party! I'll Cry if I Want To.

What I'm blogging about is not what I'm going to blog about. But I'll blog about that later. I actually had some thoughts today that have been crawling around, ebbing and flowing in my head of late.


I spent the weekend trying to fend off the creeping crud. I lost my voice Thursday night. It was gone all Friday and has mostly reappeared. I didn't feel too badly, fortunately, but that may have had something to do with my preoccupation of trying to drown my symptoms with spirits. I was inspired to make myself a hot toddy Thursday night and then, when I went out with Butterbean Friday night, I had hot tea with Jack Daniels and honey. Not bad. That and the wine with dinner ought to have killed anything! Now, I'm left with an occasional tickle in my throat that sparks a coughing fit that will bring me to my knees with tears rolling down my face.

Today and yesterday I have pleasantly piddled around the house and gotten some things done that have been seriously neglected. Accomplishment is so satisfying. I exercised today. Yea. Didn't run yesterday because of my puniness. Probably could have, but didn't feel like it. Yeah, at this point, I exercise just enough to say I do it and not enough for it to do me the good I want it to. Whoopee.

We planned to go to a Christmas party tonight. Someone at the gym in hubby's exercise class invited us to a party tonight. I don't know this person at all, but this lady from his class stopped by the salon to hand deliver an invite to me for all of us.
I'm not big on going to things where the odds of me not knowing a soul are 70% or more. I'm not naturally outgoing when I'm out of my comfort zone. (i.e. not behind the chair talking to a client while doing their hair.) Nevertheless, I need to be stretched, so I was going. Then, I started with the coughing fit and thought that might make people feel uncomfortable being around me thinking I had the plague or something so I graciously sacrificed my desire to go. (It's all about giving this Christmas season.)
Hubby, (brilliant man that he is) called ahead to confirm. As I was walking out the door to put freshly made and decorated sugar cookies in the truck for him to take with him, I heard, "well, I hope you get to feeling better!" I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him. Yep, they all had gotten a stomach bug last night so there was no party after all. Darn, Now I've got a lot of sugar cookies (frosted and sprinkled by my sweet girl ) to eat. Knowing me like I do, I immediately divided the batch in half and walked it next door to my favorite neighbors. (You know, giving. Trying to make it a habit.)
Then, my girl and I partied with peanut butter sandwiches, a Christmas movie and sugar cookies.

Oh yeah, that's where it's at.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ode to Julie Andrews

I have never understood why that song, "A Few of My Favorite Things", sung by Julie Andrews, has become a standard Christmas song. I guess "packages tied up with string" categorizes it. Nevertheless, it's played every year and is now stuck in my head. With that in mind, I offer you a few of my favorite things found around my town:

I just love how the sun shines and casts a shadow of this crepe myrtle on the building. So delicate and sculptural. This is a greenway that the city has recently built for walking. It's quite nice and there are interesting spots along the way to stop and sit.One of the interesting spots to stop and sit. Each sitting spot is artistic and inventive. Fun to discover along the way.My favorite "getaway" spot: The library.Inside the library is a large atrium type room. This skylight lets in lots of natural light.
Beautiful architectural gates inside the library atrium. Before they remodeled, I think this was actually the entrance.Ah yes. The heart of the library. I could wander here for hours. If they'd let me have coffee in here, I could very well live here.
This is the sign on the backside of my favorite thrift store. A fun place to wander. They're always playing Elvis era music. That gets a little old sometimes, but if they changed it, it wouldn't quite be the same.

The botanical gardens are part of Georgia Southern University. This is one half of the gated entrance. Sculpted magnolia leaves make up the interior of the gate.
One of my favorite plants in the botanical gardens is Persian Shield. Gotta love a plant with purple, pink and green leaves. It's not a shy plant.I'm a sucker for back lit leaves. Especially if they're lacy fern fronds.

One of the fabulous metal sculptures in the botanical gardens.
I really wanted to show you a couple more photos from the gardens, but my card filled right before I took the photo that I went there to get in the beginning before I got sidetracked along the way. That just means I'll have to go back and we'll do this again!

Friday, December 14, 2007

"Events" and Other Ironies

Serve me up and call me dinner!


Thankfully, I don't feel quite that bad! Honestly, I sound worse than I feel. I'm croaking and a bit congested. My voice started going last night. I've gone from alto to bass and now it's pretty much gone.

But you can still hear me loud and clear! (Bless your heart.)

One of my clients was telling me that he had a heart attack the day after Thanksgiving. (He's doing great-they installed a stereo system in him and he picks up satellite radio now. ;P) I learned that a heart attack is now called--get this--a cardiac event. Does that strike anyone else funny? It makes it sound like we should hang up twinkly lights and serve margaritas to make it more festive!

Man, what a weird week it was for me. My hormonal 'pissy' fit lasted most of the week. (you, poor things, got the brunt of it.) I just tried to be quiet and keep to myself, knowing that was safer for everyone involved and I didn't have the energy to talk anyway. I'm glad I work with people. My clients really helped to cheer me up. And come to find out, a lot of people were feeling as I did this week.


I love the "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook! My husband found a used copy somewhere. It's white with gold writing on the front. It was in it's ninth printing. (1978) It was first published in 1931! You can find pretty much anything in that cookbook. (Muskrat anyone?) It's very comprehensive, full of information as well as recipes. I looked through the drinks section last night and sure enough, there was a recipe for a toddy. Miracles of miracles, I had some rum (granted, it's probably about 7 years old, does it go "bad"?) so I whipped up a hot toddy for medicinal purposes. It tasted like tea, and not very strong, so I made it a double (almost). I have to say it was very comforting and not boozy at all. (Maybe I need fresh rum) I can't say it fixed my funk, but still, nice to sip on while sitting on the couch watching a movie.


I'm looking forward to this evening. I'm going to dinner with Butterbean to celebrate her birthday which is the 17th. Last year, (I think that was just last year) she took me to dinner in Savannah. I felt like a little kid. Sky was the limit. "Get what you want" she said. It was a feast! Bottle of wine, good, good food, and a sampler of desserts. Sigh. I'll never forget it. Tonight, I hope to treat her just as well. We'll go to Christopher's here in town. I have to say, it is wonderful to have our own fine dining restaurant and not have to drive an hour. It will have to be an intimate dinner, since I'll practically have to sit in her lap in order to be heard. Ha. Or, well look like the couples who have been married for ages who sit through the entire meal without speaking other than to say "pass the salt".


Thank you for commenting this week. You encouraged me so much. I love hearing from you. I've grown really fond of you.
pass the kleenex.

Thursday, December 13, 2007










edges jagged and sharp


i n c o h e r e n t




Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Storm Has Passed

I feel slightly less dramatic than I did yesterday.

I'm sure you are relieved to know that as you come to read my blog today cringing and squinting one eye wondering what explosion you would encounter today.

Nah, I'm good.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mad as Hell

I am completely cheesed off.

I went to technorati and discovered that someone has stolen 2 of my posts and a couple of photos and used them as their own posts. I went to their site and read (after translating it from German) my own post and saw my photos illustrating them. Complete with my watermark!

Can someone tell me if there is a way to block my blog to keep this from happening again?!

Whine and Cheese

I'm puny.

Yesterday, I started with that drainage down the back of the throat, so when I got home, I took some Alka-Selter Plus. Usually, when I do that, I feel my normal self the next morning. Not this time. I feel nastiness brewing in my nose and throat. It's probably just the sinus thing I get EVERY year.

I am BUSY from now till Christmas. Yesterday, my appointment book was playing fruit basket turnover what with people calling to rearrange their appointments.

I haven't exercised since running on Saturday. Blah. Part of it is, I don't feel great today and I'm tired this morning and part of it disgust from having exercised pretty faithfully all this year and it hasn't appeared to do anything to correct my body shape like I want it to! I just ordered a book called "Abs for Women" (I think that's the title.) It includes diet and exercise to target that specific area. Here's hoping!

Golly, I'm whiny today.
I'll spare you any more of my groanings.

Go get some retail therapy or something for me.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Can you believe we are 15 days away from Christmas?! I would cry and pout, but I'm afraid Santa won't come see me if I do.

I have finished one of the scarves I'm frantically working on. I just have to remember how to cast off now. I have one more to finish and one to do yet. AAAACK!

My girl helped decorate the tree last night. It was so sweet. I love having a little girl. She's such a mixture of sweetness and spunk!

Had a lovely day yesterday. I was soooo tired, I had no energy to do much of anything, but I spent all day with my family and never left the house. I just wanted to be with them.

Temperatures here are in the 80's. We had a picnic outside and wore shortsleeves. NOT Christmas weather, I assure you. I hope it straightens up in time for Christmas! Santa might get confused and not come, thinking it's not time yet-it's too warm!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

In the Mood

Yesterday was a lovely day. I really feel in the Christmas mood which is challenging for me when the temperature is in the 80's. I was determined to get a Christmas tree and put it up by day's end. Yeah, the estate sale tree for $5 was a lost cause. It didn't have a leg to stand on. (snicker) So I went to Lowe's and found a pre lit tree for less than $100. It was really easy to put together and has a floor switch to turn it on and off. Artificial trees have come a long way, baby.

That reminds me, I gotta get off my duff and make a spot in my girl's room for her tree. She picked out a white fiber optic tree. It will look so pretty shining from her bedroom bay window.

We went to a Christmas party last night. It was one of those party's where you only know the hostess. A recipe for disaster, but it didn't turn out that way. Yeah, a lot of people sat around in cliques, but perhaps I was in a magnanimous mood or something, because, we all enjoyed ourselves. I talked to a couple of people who were nice enough to introduce themselves and saw a client who isn't a client anymore. Pity. I like her a lot. I miss visiting with her, so we caught up a bit. That was nice. All in all, a nice evening. The hostess was phlegmatic enough to let my girl and a boy of a bout 8 or 9 to pretty much have run of the house which meant, the boy made himself at home playing with nerf dart guns and my girl learned a new game called "Fire!" I was so glad he was there to provide company for my girl. She had a blast. Thankfully, they didn't disturb the party either.

After sleeping in, I'm slowly pulling myself up into the day. I'd better get cracking if I'm going to get anything constructive done.

Lemme just get one more cup of coffee...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Move Over Mary Lou Retton!

My girl is taking gymnastics. She has since she was 18 months old. Even though she's becoming quite the seasoned veteran, she is looking forward to being able to do what the "big" girls do.

Looking for inspiration...
They make it look sooo easy!
Finally! It's my turn!Sit like a butterfly...Bend down low...
Kick up high...

Now, on to the bigger stuff!
So when do I get to swing on that high bar?
Hi Mom! Are you watching this?!
O.K., just let me rest a minute...


Let's see here, did they get my name right on this?Look Mommy! I did it!An inordinately proud Momma!
Great job my girl!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Keeping it Real

You know what I love?

Of course you do.

Good, hot coffee.

Quiet mornings. Alone.

A computer that works at my bidding.

Interesting (to me) blogs.

I love going to your blogs and seeing what you are up to. I'm always amazed by you who come to read me regularly. It's hard to see myself through your eyes. It's remarkable to me that you find my jottings of work, home and adventures with a 4 year old interesting enough to keep coming back. I mean, you have your own work, home, life stuff. Why read mine? What in the world do I have that is remotely interesting to write about? (I mean, I like me, but then, I've gotten used to me.)

I feel as if a good friend is just poking her head around the door and saying, "how's it going?" This is the place where I really truly say how it is going. There's no standard answer of "fine" here. If I feel it, you know it. When I start whining about something, I can count on you to sympathise or tell me to suck it up.

I guess maybe that's what draws us together.


That's what you do for me! (And I hope, I give to you.)

You encourage me. Make me thoughtful.



Thursday, December 6, 2007

Catching Up With Myself

What an eventful morning!

It's terrible to start the day hacked off, but that's what I did.

I like to write in my blog early in the morning before the rest of the family gets up. This a.m. was no exception. Well, the computer decided that it was still sleepy and refused to budge. Crap! I so badly want my own computer (is that selfish?). It's just that hubby always has this particular computer tied up with photos and programs, that the memory is almost maxed out and it puts the computer to sleep.

But let's not talk about that.

Then, I'm getting ready for work, running right to the minute as usual and arrive at work at 10 on the dot. I walk back to get my first client and see..oops! my 9:30 appointment! Holy Crap! I even saw her yesterday and said, "See you in the morning! " Somewhere between last night and this morning, I forgot! Somehow, I managed to catch back up with myself by lunch time. Whew!
Man, it's been a challenging morning and it's making me ill!

But let's not talk about that.

Let's talk about good stuff like how I was really looking forward to blogging this morning. Nothing spectacular, I just was able to go out to dinner with a friend I hadn't seen or heard from in awhile. She blogs at Adventures of Frugal Girl I've been concerned about her since I hadn't seen her post in a bit and was going to call and check on her when she called me first in desperation for a haircut. I added her to the end of the day and then we went to supper together. What a treat! She is so much fun and I haven't laughed that much or that often in awhile. It's that contagious laughter. Once you start, you can't quit. I would calm down, (we were in a restaurant) and then bust out all over again. I can't even recount for you what was so funny. It was one of those "had to be there" moments. I love friends like that.

You know what else I like?

A friend who calls when they need you.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Adventures in Hair

Speaking of blogging inspiration, how about you've got all these ideas and thoughts running through your head and the minute you sit down to type a post, they scram leaving you listening to crickets?!

Yeah, well....

So, that lady's color I've been working on for, what, a week now? Did it again yesterday. Really hoping that the third time's the charm. The good thing is, it's gotten better each time I've done it. I think it would have been right the second time, but she didn't want ash in her hair, she wanted neutral and gold. I gave her what she wanted, (knowing it should be ash to kill that red) and that's why I had to do it a third time. Although it was better the second time, it was still too coppery. So yesterday, guess what she got? Ash. And it looks right now.

There's a fine line between listening to the client and following my professional gut. I learned early on in my over confidence as a hairstylist that I was not the end all, be all. If a client said, "It never works when you use a razor to cut my hair," my first thought was, "Yeah, well, I'VE never cut your hair." Then, low and behold, after doing what I wanted to, I'd discover, wonder of wonders, their hair frizzed up like they stuck their finger in a light socket, when I cut it with a razor. Learn to listen was the lesson learned. BUT! There are times, like this experience with this lady's color when I listen to them and I don't go with what I know and I end up making more work for myself. And perhaps the reason I have fretted over this so much is, this is not normal for me. As far as I know, in most cases, I get it right the first time. I fret if I know a client isn't happy. Maybe I do still think I'm the end all be all.

I'm a people pleaser.

A perfectionist.

And all because red's my favorite color.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Color My World!

This one's for you, HeyJules. On the carport, a couple of house wrens have been flitting around. I went just outside the back door to capture it (hopefully) and ended up having to use the flash. I was afraid I would scare it away, but it seemed fascinated by the flash and came closer. It was literally about 2-3 ft. away and I was fortunate enough to snap this one.

I'm addicted to color. This was this morning's sunrise.

This was what I saw last night out the back door of the salon. (Above and below)

I just gravitate toward color. Bright, bold splashes of color. A client gave me a "game" called "what hue are you?" I need to read the directions a little more, but the gist of it is, you pick your favorite color and it tells you about your personality. It's hard for me to pick, but I chose red. The description was pretty much on target. I left the cards at work, because I'm testing my co-workers. I'll give you more info later.
If I remember.

Monday, December 3, 2007

How Do You Do It?

My, it's amazing what comes out of those clothes when you wash and dry them!
How do you write your blog?
Do you sit down at the keyboard and wait for inspiration to strike? Do you know when you sit down, what you are going to say? Do you walk around through life now thinking in "blog entries"? Do you write down ideas for blogging subjects?
I'm still trying to figure out myself.
I do find myself going through my day's experiences writing snippets in my head. Filing it away as fodder for this page. (Lucky you, half of it doesn't make it. I already worry that I'm boring you to tears as there is nothing remotely interesting that happens.)
The other day, I had a "scathingly brilliant" idea and wrote it down knowing if I didn't, it would be gone forever. Sometimes, I write things down, especially if I don't want to lose the exact wording I came up with. I don't write down half the stuff I think of. (Think of the brilliant things I've lost!) My hubby on the other hand, I think writes down his every thought! He is always jotting. And it's always something deep, philosophical and thoughtful. I'm thinking of what I'm going to do on my next day off. (As opposed to what I want to do!)
Usually, I sit down here and lightly drum the keypad a couple of times hoping the blog will write itself while miraculously becoming witty and entertaining by the end.
Don't worry, I'll keep working on it.
(Drat Blogger! It won't let me put spaces in again!)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Garibaldi Cafe Savannah

Garibaldi Cafe Savannah

This is where I ate dinner last night.
Double yum.

Our salon, for at least the past 3 years (probably longer, but I lose track of time), has gone to a nice restaurant in Savannah. Girabaldi Cafe is a fine dining restaurant located near City Market downtown. I had never been there before, but it has been often recommended to me. I was really looking forward to the outing and I was not disappointed. We were the last to arrive due to the complications of the Christmas parade traffic along with the one way streets and general congestion that is Savannah.

I knew I was in over my head when, after the appetizer, I asked for another fork and the waitress said, "Oh, yes, we'll reset you in a moment." I've never been reset before. Another waiter walks up and asks me, "Excuse me, is your water still or sparkling?" (Still.) Took a half a second to process that one. I studied the dizzying array of choices and determined to go with the diamond scored flounder which had been recommended by one of my clients who had visited Girabaldi's. It was served with an apricot glaze, orzo (I can't remember how they described it, but it tasted like Spanish rice, but with orzo. Red peppers, seasoning, etc.), and haricort vert. (I don't speak a second language and often have trouble with English, but soon discovered that I had a side of crisp green beans.) The presentation was impressive. My flounder arrived intact sans head. Whoa. How do you eat this thing? Turns out, it was so tender, I just scraped it away from the bone. Crispy/sweet outside, tender/delicious inside. Oh, my word, it was good. Everyone else was generous in giving taste tests of their selections, but although it was all delicious, I never once wished I had ordered what they had.

I know I have been careful with my carbs and sugar, so I disciplined myself not to eat the bread that was served with the meal. However, since it was a special occasion, and I had been so good otherwise, I rewarded myself with a chocolate flourless torte for dessert. It was not cloyingly sweet, but it was dark and rich. Heaven on earth. I left one bite---scratch that. I sat there long enough waiting for the bill, that I ate every bit. I'm not sorry either.

Man, I love good food!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lost! ....Found!...Whew!

8Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she lose one piece, doth not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she find it?
9And when she hath found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbours together, saying, Rejoice with me; for I have found the piece which I had lost.
10Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. Luke 15:8-10

Yep. That pretty much described me.

Except, they didn't mention panic. I was kinda panicked.

I went up to the salon yesterday morning to do the book work. One of the deposits I was working on was my own. I went to get the money out of my purse and...

It wasn't there!


O.K., I distinctly remember putting it in my purse the night before. Did it fall out? (Please God, No!) I could sort of remember what I had done, but not exactly.

I called hubby, who was in his own panic trying to get to a doctor appointment. He looked around the house.


The world stopped. I went home to look for my self. In the vehicle, on the couch where I was when I dug out some new checks for him. I retraced my steps, praying all the time.

This was almost my whole week's income I had lost.

I got a reprimanding, "Go straight to the bank before you come home from now on!" (Don't worry, I will.)

I remembered putting everything into an envelope before putting it into my purse. Then I remembered that I took that envelope out that morning and put it with my bill pile.

There it is! And everything was still there. Cash, checks. Everything.

Thank you, God.

Rejoice with me, I have found what I had lost.