Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Joined the Club

Don't you just love our matching Mother's Day tattoos?!! :P

I really enjoy visiting blogs. Due to the gifts of writing and creativity bloggers can have, I feel as if I've gotten to know these authors personally.

Last night, I actually did.

I found out one of my blogging friends, Michele, lives in a town about 45 minutes from me. Michele has two blogs. I really enjoy I'm not Cheap I'm Thrifty because who doesn't want to hear about someone's great bargain finds?! Trading Ashes for Beauty is her "life" blog.

When we realized our proximity, we began hatching a plan to meet live and in person.

Fast forward several months....

I got a Facebook message yesterday telling me she was on her way into town! I was so grateful that I had a rare day with nothing on the schedule! My daughter and I (poor daddy was working) met Michele and her family for dinner and just jumped into conversation like we'd done it many times before! It was SUCH a lovely evening! The most disappointing part of it was when it ended!!!

We both agreed that we HAD to get together again...I just hope it's sooner rather than later!


InTheFastLane said...

So much fun!!!

Michelle said...

It was really cool! I enjoyed meeting you and your beautiful baby girl as well. Next time we must make it when your DH can join us! Here is to the start of a beautiful friendship :D

Dapoppins said...

meeting up with blog friends is one of the most awesome things!