Saturday, October 31, 2009

Heart Cry

This is representative of the times I feel my voice gets lost in the shuffle. Millions cry out to God every day and I sometimes feel like a tiny, insignificant dot in the midst of the vastness of humanity.

There are Bible verse references floating through the space which echo my cry.

Monday, October 26, 2009



I dress to run.

I pause at the door listening to the house breathing it's sighs of sleep.

I see the couch adorned with all manner of clothing.

"Working out" takes on a whole new meaning.

I revel in the luxury of completing tasks.


Unbidden by others.

In the accomplishment of one thing, another goes undone.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Life is Thus

I run.

On the one hand, this is great. I've been getting exercise and working at being consistent. I've run 3 miles, two weekends in a row and am feeling quite smug and self-satisfied. During the week, I'm working on a MWF running routine with weights on TTh. Sounds reasonable, eh?

The second aspect of running has to do with life in general. Weekday mornings start with my early morning jaunt to the gym, then the "game" of beat the clock begins. Rousting a child from bed, packing her lunch, breakfast, clothes, teeth brushing and practically shoving her and her dad out the door to school feels like a day's work in itself! Usually there's a small window of time left to get myself ready and to work. I'm growing frustrated/coming to terms with the fact that other things I love/enjoy have fallen to the bottom of the priority list.

Every now and again, I'll snatch at something I love (like blog writing) grabbing a small piece and wondering how long it will be before I get a more satisfying creative meal.

Until then..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This I Do for Me

I have fretted and fretted over my blog recently. I haven't seemed to have the time, resources or inspiration to post recently. I feel like I've posted just enough to maybe string some readers along. I've felt guilty for not updating because I feel an obligation to my blog. And to the readers, maybe?

I figured if I couldn't do a "proper" post, I just wouldn't post at all.

I long to be inspirationally artistic like Teesha. Consistent and relevant like Inthefastlane. (Love her most recent "I am" post.) Engaging like Mabel's House. Sweetly industrious like Posy Gets Cozy. Witty like I Should Be Folding Laundry. My list of comparison is endless. It's like I'm in high school again.

I had an insight into myself this morning.

My husband has said it before: "You're an all or nothing kind of person."

I totally get it.

So, I've decided. This blog is for me. Oh, I really want you to share it with me, and I love receiving comments, but I gotta get back to the freedom of blogging. Blogging what interests me, no matter how small, or unfortunately, infrequent, a post it may be.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blogging Break Means My Brain is Broken


You still there?

I'm amazed.

I have combed the fine lines in my brain for material to write about and all I got was furrows in my brow.

Also, sharing the computer with my hubby eats into MY time on the computer. Big time. If I can move heaven and earth, guess what he's getting for Christmas?!

Then again, maybe Twitter is eating up all my good material. You know, all that microblogging.

Thanks for hanging around.

I'll be back.

One day.