Sunday, September 30, 2007


It has been a restful but productive weekend.

Hubby and I, once upon a lifetime ago, would visit thrift stores and the such. Yesterday, after looking around the house (again) and seeing the lack, I said, "let's go!" We went to our favorite local secondhand shop. I was looking for a sofa, chests for our clothing and a kitchen table. We did find a nice blond finish cabinet, which we purchased and I saw a wonderful metal night stand on wheels with a glass top and two drawers. Very medicinal, modern. Didn't purchase it, but plan to go back for it. Didn't find a sofa. On to the Habitat ReStore. It's 20 minutes before they close until next Saturday. I saw a cluster of sofas as soon as I walked in. There were 3 possibilities. I tried them out. One was on hold. One had just been purchased, I was advised as I sat on it and the third was...O.K. I was really drawn to the one on hold. (Why do we so badly want what we can't have?) It was sage, (not crazy about that, but I can recover it)it had three separate pillows for the back, nice high rolled arms, good for leaning against to read a book. I laid on it and could stretch out full length. Good for napping. I asked to find out how long they hold items before selling it to someone else and was told if they weren't back in 5 minutes, I could have the sofa. Bonus: it's a sleeper sofa! Oh joy! (Cue the Jeopardy theme music.) At 2 minutes till, I was given the go ahead. I asked how much it was. I held my breath...$60.00!! I scribbled out a check while lamenting the fact that I would have to wait until next Saturday to get my sofa since they didn't deliver and we were in our car. My hubby was making noises about putting in on top of the car. We were advised against it (to my relief) with descriptions of a smushed car. Then they endeared me forever to them by volunteering to stay until hubby went to get the truck. May I just say, that I was so grateful to read my newspaper and drink my coffee this morning while snuggled on the (new) couch!!! Thank you to the man of my dreams who used considerable muscle and sweat equity to get the sofa in the house for me!!

As if that weren't enough, I got up this morning and decided, Today... Today is the day I paint the hall. The hall that has been much discussed but not touched with paint since we moved in 9 years ago. Other rooms have been painted, some, a couple of times. The hall is now cerulean blue. Look at the sky on a cloudless day. That clear brilliant blue is now in the hall. Gorgeous.
Of course, now I'm thinking, "is it too blue, is it too dark?"
Painter's remorse.
It'll be fine.
Or I'll paint over it.
It's a welcome addition to my technicolor house. Sunny yellow kitchen, tangerine orange living room, apple green bedroom, bubblegum pink and lime for my girl's room. Happy, happy. All subject to change according to my passing color fancy.

Oh, I feel I've come out of a slump. I've been sooo...inert. It's nice to finally get some motivation to DO something! Now. If there were only more hours in a day when that motivation takes off!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


For the first time in I don't know when, I feel like I had a day off yesterday. I still had to go in and do the bookwork for the salon, but I was finished by 10:30, ran to the bank, dropped off something to someone, and made it to my massage appointment by 11. I had to cool my heels a bit (unusual) while we waited for a room to become available. Heaven. I read a magazine. My mind wandered during my massage. Floated might be a better word. After that, I went straight home having no other errands to run. The home front was relaxed. My girl was watching a video, hubby was on the computer. I went and soaked in a hot bath scented with lavender and lime and read a book. I was in there so long, hubby came in to make sure I hadn't fallen asleep! Nope, just reading and reading. Later, we took our girl to the park. It is lovely weather for the park! She had such a good time, she didn't want to go and loudly let it be known as we were leaving. Then we stopped by a Japanese restaurant for a bite, I had sushi and edamame, YUM. Then, off to the grocery for a few "necessities". Like chubby hubby ice cream. Yeah.

I'm reading a book by Joan Anderson called A Year by the Sea. I can identify with some of the things she talks about. Essentially, she left her husband to go live by the sea for awhile to find her true self. The one that got buried under loving wife and supportive mother. He was going to a new job in another state and they had sold the house, the kids were grown and it seem to be a good time for her to take the plunge. Not sure I would do something so drastic, but I can understand her motives. It is interesting reading her diary of sorts that recount that year.

One passage in the book speaks of remembering an interchange with a friend who trained monks in ritualization. "'When they started Communion,' she explained, 'they would pick up the chalice without giving it any thought, purely an object to be used, not treated as holy. What they needed to learn was the importance of developing a relationship with liturgical things and become involved with them. Only then would the ceremony have meaning.' (side note-interesting to me, I have a relationship with the Saviour those liturgical things stand for and therefore they have meaning to me. The ceremony of communion means a great deal to me. Interesting that they would have to teach back to quoting the book)"Listening to her, I couldn't help but imagine what my world might be like if I looked at the human beings I was closest to as holy and treated them with that same sense of respect."
Treat those you are closest to as holy...I was just asking a newly married client this week why it is that we so badly treat the ones we say we love the most ? We would never speak as unkindly to clients, friends, or neighbors as we speak to our husbands, wives or children! We always keep our kind, mannerly face on in public but at home, we feel safe to voice our bad mood even if no one really did anything to induce our ire. How many times have you said, "I'm sorry, I'm just in a bad mood." As if that gives us license to drop all manner of kindness and consideration. Something to ponder.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

You Name It...

I couldn't think of a catchy title this morning, name it! I just did a cooking experiment for breakfast. I have a recipe for making granola which involves the oven, cookie sheets and stirring every 10 min or so. I just can't gear it up for that, but I really wanted to do something to the muesli I put in my yogurt. (Flashbulb Over the Head) I put some muesli in a small saute pan with a little brown sugar and heated it stirring occasionally. I must say that I feel it worked beautifully BUT I highly reccomend non-stick spray because when the brown sugar melted and then cooled in the stuck but good. I topped fat free plain yogurt, sweetened with honey with my granola concoction. It is really good and much faster than the oven. Perfect for small, personal batches.
BTW, did you know that a pinch of salt removes bitterness in coffee? Just throw a pinch on the grounds right before you brew.

Well, the sun is pushing the moon out of the sky, firing it up for the day.
And so am I.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Extraordinary Interiors

I really tried to give you a link for this book, but I haven't figured it out yet. Anyway, check out "Extraordinary Interiors" by Brian D. Coleman

A Slice of Heaven

I was given the gift of time today. I found myself with a 2 hr.(!) lunch today. I gave a quick call to the hubby to see if I was needed at home. He told me too use my time just for me, that I needed it because I've been really busy lately and taking care of things for him too... so "go to the library and rest yourself". Whee!! May I just say I find nothing more thrilling than to be able to visit the library with no time constraints. O.K., if it's raining and I'm at the library....Bliss. Couple this with the fact that the library has been closed several days and you've got one grateful girl!

I found a fantastic book right of the bat about salvaged interiors. I don't have it handy right now, so actual title will come later. It is GORGEOUS!! Stunning interiors, very inspirational. I also checked out Joan Anderson's A Year at Sea. It's about a woman who took a sabbatical and spent some time at the ocean to sort out who she is. I completely understand and it's interesting to read about her journey. I've read a portion of another one of her books, so I'm familiar with her story. Found a Rosamunde Pilcher novel that I don't own. Let's see if I actually have time to read it.

I ordered lunch from the red headed girl with pigtails. I was so proud of myself--I usually drive up giving myself a pep talk about getting a salad and am horrified to find the words "I'll have a number 1 combo" coming out of my mouth. Well, today, I had a SALAD! Hurrah for me!! I went to a local park and ate while looking at a book. It was all so leisurely, I can't tell you when I've had an afternoon like that.

I was feeling so renewed and in such a better state of mind that returning to work and finding several gaps in my appointment book didn't even disappoint me.

I can't believe the week is half over... how's your week going?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Do you ever go through life feeling more like a spectator than a participant? I do. Sometimes, I think it's because I don't feel like I have much in common with those around me. I'm in the beauty industry and I love what I do, but really, it is not the end all, be all that some people seem to think it is. They slavishly follow fashion mags (hey, I do too sometimes) looking for someone to tell them what to wear this week. It seems everyone is looking for a new way to be accepted and/or accept themselves. Sometimes, I step back and see the futility of that. Sometimes, I'm right in the middle of it myself. I tend to hate following trends. If everyone is doing it, I want nothing to do with it. For instance, when Crocs first came out, I was drawn to them because they were different and colorful. Then I noticed EVERYONE had a pair. Nevermind.

I hear people talking around me about the latest greatest show on t.v., and I don't get it. Maybe it's because I hear talking, commotion and drama all day long, I don't need to be "entertained" by someone elses. I will tell you one thing: I miss HGTV, DIY and the Food Channel to death.

I work in a traditional southern town with mostly traditional southern mindsets. On the whole, that's not a bad thing. I feel safe, it's a great place to raise a child. But if you always do what is "safe" or do things because "that's just what we've always done", you won't accomplish much. Life becomes stale and static.

I long to walk "slightly left of center". I do it in my own "safe" way, I suppose. My new phrase is Fight Normalcy. Why do I care at this stage of the game? Maybe it's because I was raised "safe". Maybe it's because I'm trying to "feel" out myself. Maybe it's my belated teenage "rebellion". I'm looking for my deeper identity. Not just the dutiful daughter, not just the capable wife, not just the calm, patient mother. I'm looking for the person buried under all those things. The artist, the designer, the decorator. The one who thinks outside the box. Who uses her imagination. The quiet, reflective, thoughtful person. The one with the dream of a sweet house in the country with a wild mass of flowers, chickens running in the yard, and a studio in the barn. I want to be unafraid. I'm afraid of the stupidest things. Like doing truly what I want to with the house because I think how it might affect the resale value. That seriously cramps the artistic expression!

I guess I feel detached, because most of the people that surround me on a regular basis give me a blank stare whenever I voice some of these thoughts. As if I'm speaking a foreign language. Which, I guess I am --to them. Fortunately, I have a couple of artist friends I commiserate with occasionally. And we encourage each other artistically. I'm meeting more of them along the way. That's a comfort.

Well! This may have been a little more of me than you bargained for today. Welcome to my stream of consciousness.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Official

It's official. I'm having a complete Rosamunde Pilcher fest. I get on kicks like this occasionally. Actually, it's the local library's fault. Their roof is being repaired, or trying between rainstorms. I think the rain is undoing anything they are doing at this point. Anyway, the library is closed and I'm having withdrawals. Hence the Pilcherfest. It's wonderful, lazy, dreamy reading. Just right for a weekend.
This weekend has been nice. Basically restful. Pity is, about the time I feel rested and ready to take on something around here, it's time to gear up for work again. Wah.
I did BP this afternoon. I felt less than social. The class was larger than I remember and I felt a little too close to my neighbor. By the end of class, I was in a more pleasant mood. I felt I breezed through the class today. It was a sub, maybe her routine was easier. (Except for triceps...ow.) After, my girl and I went to the local drive in for a "gallon" sized drink and she requested we go to a nearby park. It was perfect park weather!
I've been ruminating over some things that at some point I may have time and remember to elaborate on here.
I'll leave you with a thought...if people didn't watch t.v. , what would they talk about?
P.S. Yes, that's my photo of Lantana in a small vase. I took it after my girl gave me a baby bouqet.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

English Morning

This morning's run was overcast. It felt as if the sky had reached down to touch the earth. It was foggy and felt like I was running through a fine mist. I couldn't help but feel as if I were in England. I could picture my day unfold. Tuck myself into home and a comfortable chair wrapped in a quilt reading a Rosamunde Pilcher novel and sipping countless cups of hot tea. I could just see the roaring fire, Aga stove, chintz and the glistening wet, misty woods beyond the ancient house. I very well may spend my afternoon that way.

This morning proved interesting. I had told a client I would meet her at the salon at 8 after my run this morning to do her hair for her daughter's wedding. When I arrived a the salon, I realized that I had no keys to the salon on my key ring. They have vanished into thin air. I noticed maybe a couple of days ago that my key ring felt lighter, but I couldn't tell I was missing anything at first glance. My keys are on one of those clip things people climb with. It's conceivable they could have slipped off, but I was sure they were on the two separate rings on the clip mixed with other keys. Very odd. We have extra keys, so I can get another, but I'm a bit disconcerted.

Well, off to my day. Have a good one yourself.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Little "Peace" of Quiet

I alternately love and hate people in general. I could never completely go without human contact. I'm too social. But sometimes...sometimes I get my fill. Today is one of those days. This week was jammed to the gills with noise, commotion, activity, schedules to be kept, and issues to be dealt with. Just because today is my "day off" doesn't mean it stopped. There was conflict to be dealt with. Some was mine personally. Some belonged to others and I was dealt the "what do you think about..." position. Generally considered being caught in the middle. I try to listen objectively and see both sides. But why, if it's not my conflict, why do I feel icky? Maybe because I don't like conflict to begin with. I hate confrontation. I have to do it sometimes because it's the healthy thing to do and it takes care of issues that would go unresolved, it realigns when someone is off the beaten path. But I don't like being at odds with someone. I'm a people pleaser. I know I can't please everyone, but I try. Granted, there are days when the other side of me rares up and says, "you know what, I don't care. That's the way it is, the way I feel and that's the end of it. Take it or leave it." But then I fret. Was I rude? Came across too strongly? This will pass and I will be fine. Right now, the house is quiet. My girl is napping and my hubby has kindly and considerately gone outside for his own "peace" of quiet and left me to my thoughts. I need that. I regularly need times when I am alone. I'm not alone now, but at least there is no urgent input being poured forth from anyone. Thank God.
O.K. now let me concentrate on enjoying this weekend. I have no firm plans. Run on Saturday. After that, do a client's hair for her daughter's wedding. Then...? The usual. Try to motivate myself to clean, wash clothes and balance that with personal things I'd like to do. Time with the family. A movie? Hmm. So many options.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blurry Vision

Man! Life is going by so quickly, I can't see well. Things are a bit blurry and indistinct. People say "remember you said______" and my response is "uhhh" My brain has shut down. I saw a client yesterday who swears it's been a year since I've seen her and I feel it's been maybe 3 months. Life's too fast. I have no concept of time anymore! I'll probably crash and burn this wknd. I've been at work 1 1/2 to 2 hours early 2 out of 3 days and must be there early again today. After today...weekend!

I was very proud of me today. The alarm went off at 5 and I lay there for about 4 minutes arguing with myself about going to Body Pump. I'm really glad I went. There is one segment we do for chest or shoulders (can't remember which) called "Crack It". That's the song that plays during the routine. I hate "Crack It". We do these side to side push ups that kill me, combined with using the bar. Well, today, I cracked it good!! I stayed strong to the very end and the routine wasn't as hard for me as it has been! YEA! My favorite song in the whole workout is the cool down which is "Cruisin'" with Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow. It's such a happy, beachy, summery song. Why does it surprise me that she can sing? I find her voice so smooth and pleasant. She should do something more with that, I think. Yo, Gweneth!

Well, by now, you should see a pattern here to my life. I work and go to Body Pump. That's about it. Little moments of coffee drinking bliss and occasionally reading a book (which I haven't done recently) keep me out of the crazy house. While I whine about the insignificance of my life, I have to stop and realize--each seemingly insignificant moment is part of a rich tapestry of my life. The work that drives me crazy sometimes, the friends that have to make appointments for haircuts to get any time with me, the husband that I alternately love and hate (well, strongly dislike, anyway.) at any given moment, the little girl...oh, the little girl that makes my heart sing--- Yep, Life's worth the living. I'm so grateful. It's a good life. A good life indeed. Thank you God.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hellooo, Gorgeous!!

Have you been outside?! It is positively gorgeous! It is refreshingly cool, but not quite cold. A breath of fresh air indeed!! I went to BP this a.m. and am positively giddy with pleasure. I just enjoy mornings so much. Dawn brings with it such anticipation. Although it is still dark, you know the sun is just on the edge and you keep checking the sky for its progress. The trees are silhouetted outside my kitchen window as I write and their outline against the sky is becoming less distinct as the sun reaches its lazy arms into the sky. Sigh.
Time to fire it up this morning. Have to be at work at 8:30 before clients to tape a promo for work. Tried to do it yesterday during working hours, but the salon was too noisy. Take 2.
Got my hair cut last night! I'm aiming for my crazy all over my head spikiness again, but because my hair was past my shoulders, we decide to take it in stages. It now has some clean traditional bob lines, sharp angles and some craziness on top of my head. No time for a pic, I'm sorry. Maybe later.
This week promises to be very busy. Hope I survive.
Gotta fly....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well, it was a typical Sunday. Laid back. Plans to do what I didn't do yesterday but not doing much of any of it. It is a day of rest after all. I did go to the afternoon class of Body Pump. Increased my weight and felt satisfied when I was finished. It was hard, but I wasn't dying.
I did paint yesterday! I actually finished something. I was relatively satisfied with it, but you know, that can change at any moment.
Oh yeah, life over here is just teeming with interest. Can't you just feel it?

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I got up at about 6:20a.m. to meet up with the Pacers at 7a.m. at the field house on campus. It was so dark when I left that I double checked the time. It was very overcast this morning. Several runners went for 8 miles. A friend and I decided to go the regular route. We were alternating running and walking so we decided to push ourselves and do about 5 miles. Hurray! We did it! It was incredibly humid and so I was satisfingly very sweaty when I finished. I have felt rather energized after my run. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten that much done today. I guess it depends on how you look at it. I've showered, done my hair, and put on a little makeup. (On Saturdays, that's unheard of for me.) I gave the truck a cursory cleaning. I've gotten my much anticipated pedicure. (Ahhh) And spent a horrifying amount of money on a flea treatment for my three cats. I still need to mail a check for estimated taxes,(ugh) and go over some financial stuff with hubby. (ugh again) Perhaps, I'll have an opportunity to paint or do some other creative activity today or tomorrow. Who knows what else I'll dream up?

Friday, September 14, 2007

That's Life v 2.0: Pieces of Me

That's Life v 2.0: Pieces of Me
I stumbled upon this post today. I thought it beautiful, poignant and true. Enjoy.

Whoo, Boy!

Look what I found today... Proverbs 12:16 A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult. verse 18: Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
Um, yeah. That'll take some practice and major self-discipline.

My weekend has officially begun. Well, it will as soon as I finish the bookwork at the salon. Then, a massage! Ahh. Tomorrow a.m., running with the pack of runners that meet at the university fieldhouse. But then, coffee and a pedicure! I can't do something I don't enjoy that's good for me just because it's right to do; I have to reward myself. Oh well, works for me!

I watched "Along Came Polly" last night with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. I think she is so pretty. Her character was a free spirit type. Hubby said it reminded him of me in some ways. I liked her wardrobe and apartment in this movie. She had an ethnic bohemian vibe going on. Hard to have that vibe when you live in the traditional south, but I look for ways to fight normalcy where I can. Other people are saving the trees, I'm fighting normalcy. Well, make a difference where you can.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Circle of Life

I took the day off yesterday. Well, sort of. I went to a memorial service for a man from church and then went and got the things I needed for a teensy-weensy birthday party.
I was struck by the emotion of the day. Here I was celebrating the life of my child, but also mourning the death of a friend. It was not with a hopeless sadness that I mourned, because I know that one day I will be reunited with him along with other family and friends in heaven. That is such a comfort when someone dies. This does not, however, lessen my emotion of sadness because I will miss them. It's O.K. to mourn. The Bible says, "Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted." I find that freeing, because I always got the message, "Don't cry for them, they're in a better place!" "You'll see them again!" Well, be that as it may, it still hurts. So I cry. I Cry and laugh and remember.

When asked, my girl was specific about some of the aspects of her birthday: "I want cake, hats, presents, and balloons!" I asked what color she wanted her balloons. "Red, bwue and owange." You got it. With a Dora balloon thrown in for good measure. I made a cake, and creatively frosted it. (o.k., when Martha says apply a thin layer of frosting over the cake to seal loose crumbs, HOW do you do that exactly?! I always end up with crumby frosting.) Shanna applied some blue sprinkles and we were good to go. We went next door and invited our favorite girls over. (Mom and daughter) and had a bona fide party! I'm so glad our friends came over. They added so much. And, I felt like such a cool mom because I gave my girl a gift the 12 year old is wishing for. (The littlest pet shop) We blew candles and then later we did it again and again. She has made such strides since last year. She can really blow now!

I'm proud of myself this a.m., I overslept by about 10min, but still made it to BP at 5:30. It was a great workout. The time went by quickly and I enjoyed almost all of the routines. Afterward, I got on the elliptical machine for about 30 minutes. Oh, yeah, feeling very self righteous at this point. Let's hope I still feel that way at lunch and eat well. I tend to feel since I worked out, let's have that burger and fries!

Looking forward to a laid back weekend that includes a massage and pedicure. Hey don't ooh and ahh over that massage too much. I love them, but it's more like physical therapy sometimes. I truly think it will keep me from carpal tunnel. It helps my shoulders and neck which stay in knots. Thinking of that massage will get me through my day. I also get to see my regular "babies" today. Including the one I "lost". :)

Well, I'm off to have a great day. You do too, O.K.?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today is the day.

Four years ago today, I was blessed with the most precious little girl. It was a blessing I never thought I would enjoy.

After being married for 15 years and not using any form of birth control for 13 of those years, I thought I couldn't get pregnant. I never tried fertility options or checked into adoption largely because of the cost, and I just always felt that if God wanted me to have a baby, he would give me one. I'm certainly not against those methods, I think they have been wonderful opportunities for woman to become mothers.

After feeling guilty because I hadn't had a GYN exam in, oh, who knows how long, I spoke with one of my clients who worked at the office I visit and asked her if they could examine me if I were on my cycle because I was feeling as if I would start at any time. She asked my symptoms which were tender breasts and crampiness. She said she didn't want to get my hopes up, but those were also symptoms of pregnancy. I've never had regular cycles, so that never occurred to me.

As I drove up to the building the day of my appointment, I thought, "O.K. God thy will be done."
I peed, weighed and waited. My friend, along with a nurse came and got me and said she wanted to talk to me before I went back. I thought, "Oh, boy." She said she wanted to be the first to tell me that I was pregnant! After arguing with her for a couple of minutes, (no way, are you kidding, etc.) I waited for the doctor. I don't remember much else from that visit. They gave me the "proof positive" as it were and I began thinking of how to tell my husband who had no clue of any of this.

When I got home that night, he was fixing himself something to eat so he could watch t.v. and seemed a little impatient when I asked him to sit down with me a minute. I put the positive test on the table and said:
"do you know what that is?"
" a pregnancy test?"
"Is it yours?"
"Oh my goodness!"
We cried and laughed together and thanked God for this miracle.

It's been an eventful fiveish years since. (I'm counting that nearly year of pregnancy) I was on bedrest for about half of my pregnancy, out of work for six months. We had no income. Little disability, but thank God for what we had. I was the primary breadwinner as my husband had just started his own business. It was hard. Hard. But... we didn't lose our house or either vehicle. I had no insurance but was able to get Medicaid. We made it. It's been very challenging to catch up, but we did it and although our marriage has weathered some storms as well during this time, we are learning so much and gaining strength and experience as we go. There are times I want to throw in the towel and just stop trying because it's too hard, but I feel more strongly that my girl needs two parents and that drives me to try harder and learn to love my husband unconditionally.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lost and Found

Ugh, I woke up with a headache this a.m. My alarm went off at 5 so I could go to Body Pump at 5:30. Something is wrong with my alarm, I barely heard it. Gotta check on that. I considered not going to BP, but thought my headache would subside as I went. No. It was bearable, but uncomfortable the whole time. I did a light class today and was proud of myself for pushing through the pain. Now that I'm home, I've loaded up on the ibuprofen, coffee and bkfst. After my shower, I should be good to go.

I still haven't gotten my girl a BD present. Tomorrow is b/the/b day. My big girlbaby will be 4 years old. Wow and double wow!

Well, I found a client I thought I had lost last week. :) It's so funny, I prayed to have a good imagination, but it kicks in at the worst times! Several of my clients come once a week. I call them my babies. Occasionally, they switch up their appointments when they go out of town or something comes up. I remembered sweet baby went to the beach, but expected her back this past Thurs., 2pm comes and goes and she doesn't show up. I panic. She NEVER doesn't show up! Well, I called her house and got her machine and I don't know the names of family members or her gentleman friend- I have no other way to reach her. Well, Monday, I was ready to look up obituaries and/or call the hospital. (my imagination was running flat out!) I spoke with another client who knows someone who knows sweet baby, (it's a small town) and they said that they hadn't heard of anything happening so that relieved my mind considerably. Weellll, shortly thereafter, sweet baby called me! She had still been at the beach and I hadn't erased her off my book! I looked at the coming appt she has for this Thurs and she wasn't on my book. On the wrong week, off the right week! Later, I discovered I had put her at the right time, but wrote the wrong name! Good greif! Well, it's straightened out now. Thank goodness. I love that sweet baby.

Have a great day, maybe more will come later.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Well, Hello!

Well, here we go!

I have joined the legions of bloggers and no one (at this point) has a clue. Well, I have one friend who has a clue, I told her today I was thinking about doing this and had for some time. She officially gave me permission, and here I am. She just recently started blogging too and I guess I felt I'd be doing that whole - "oooh, I want to do that too! Maybe then I will be as cool as you!" the thing is, I've thought of doing this for awhile, but haven't because I don't think mine will be as good as "yours" or that no one will ever see it. Isn't that what it boils down to? We feel like someone will notice us and we will die of embarrasment, or no one will notice us at all. Hmm.

A little bio:

I am a hair stylist, or, as I like to put it: I'm a sculptress. My medium is hair. I take my job very seriously, love it and quite frankly, am good at it.
I'm an artist on different levels. Hair, photography, acting, painting, decorating, sewing, knitting gardening, television production, voice overs, and now, writing.....if it is creative, I'm interested. I'm stonger in some of those areas than others.
I love to read and am a voracious reader. I'm trying to "broaden the scope of my horizons" as Ann of Green Gables would say and not just read the books I'm automatically drawn to.
I also have a magazine fetish. I have a friend who gives me her mags and I'm in heaven. I'm especially fond of design mags and decorating mags. My favorite design mag is Dwell and my favorite decorating mag is Domino.
I've been working out since the first of the year. I started running. Not my favorite thing. I've always told my husband when something started chasing me, I would start running. I woke up one day and a significant birthday ending in 0 starting chasing me. ;) So, I started running. I really don't like it, but I look for motivation where I can find it. I did something I said I would not do...(do you see a trend here?) I joined the gym. Aaargh! Well, I figured running wasn't working all my muscles and I was getting bored, so this mixes it up a little. I'm not an excercise maniac, but at least I'm doing it regularly.

Well now, that wasn't so hard...
Maybe I'll come back and write some more