Friday, September 21, 2007

A Little "Peace" of Quiet

I alternately love and hate people in general. I could never completely go without human contact. I'm too social. But sometimes...sometimes I get my fill. Today is one of those days. This week was jammed to the gills with noise, commotion, activity, schedules to be kept, and issues to be dealt with. Just because today is my "day off" doesn't mean it stopped. There was conflict to be dealt with. Some was mine personally. Some belonged to others and I was dealt the "what do you think about..." position. Generally considered being caught in the middle. I try to listen objectively and see both sides. But why, if it's not my conflict, why do I feel icky? Maybe because I don't like conflict to begin with. I hate confrontation. I have to do it sometimes because it's the healthy thing to do and it takes care of issues that would go unresolved, it realigns when someone is off the beaten path. But I don't like being at odds with someone. I'm a people pleaser. I know I can't please everyone, but I try. Granted, there are days when the other side of me rares up and says, "you know what, I don't care. That's the way it is, the way I feel and that's the end of it. Take it or leave it." But then I fret. Was I rude? Came across too strongly? This will pass and I will be fine. Right now, the house is quiet. My girl is napping and my hubby has kindly and considerately gone outside for his own "peace" of quiet and left me to my thoughts. I need that. I regularly need times when I am alone. I'm not alone now, but at least there is no urgent input being poured forth from anyone. Thank God.
O.K. now let me concentrate on enjoying this weekend. I have no firm plans. Run on Saturday. After that, do a client's hair for her daughter's wedding. Then...? The usual. Try to motivate myself to clean, wash clothes and balance that with personal things I'd like to do. Time with the family. A movie? Hmm. So many options.


hepsmom said...

Is this YOUR photography? It's so relaxing and quaint! Love it!

HeyJules said...

I love the photo, too, AJ.

As for the peace of quiet, we all need that. It's the whole "recharging the batteries" thing we humans need and you should never feel bad about wanting that time to yourself. At least Stan is good enough to get out of your way when you need him to!