Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Official

It's official. I'm having a complete Rosamunde Pilcher fest. I get on kicks like this occasionally. Actually, it's the local library's fault. Their roof is being repaired, or trying between rainstorms. I think the rain is undoing anything they are doing at this point. Anyway, the library is closed and I'm having withdrawals. Hence the Pilcherfest. It's wonderful, lazy, dreamy reading. Just right for a weekend.
This weekend has been nice. Basically restful. Pity is, about the time I feel rested and ready to take on something around here, it's time to gear up for work again. Wah.
I did BP this afternoon. I felt less than social. The class was larger than I remember and I felt a little too close to my neighbor. By the end of class, I was in a more pleasant mood. I felt I breezed through the class today. It was a sub, maybe her routine was easier. (Except for triceps...ow.) After, my girl and I went to the local drive in for a "gallon" sized drink and she requested we go to a nearby park. It was perfect park weather!
I've been ruminating over some things that at some point I may have time and remember to elaborate on here.
I'll leave you with a thought...if people didn't watch t.v. , what would they talk about?
P.S. Yes, that's my photo of Lantana in a small vase. I took it after my girl gave me a baby bouqet.

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hepsmom said...

I would talk about school and going to Wal*Mart. . . oh wait, I already do that!