Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Not Here...A Travelogue

You may observe me going about my day to day life, but I am not is a portion of my daily travelogue....
Outside the door of the inn, I pause, squinting in the bright sunlight. First order of business: a big, floppy straw hat. I observe the town; much the same way I watch movies--paying little attention to the action played out before me but watching the scenery behind.

Lush flowers trail from window boxes, colorful, handpainted jugs sit by door steps and hang near doors. Beyond the whitewashed buildings, I see cypress trees their edges black and jagged against the cerulean sky. I follow the cobblestone streets to the market area where there is an eclectic mix of items for sale. Some of the shops are clearly aimed at visitors looking for tourist totchkes to take back to friends and relatives--proof, I guess, that they were actually here in this spot. I bypass these, preferring to delve deeper into the city for the local wares. I do find the perfect hat, so my time spent is not in vain.

I wander through the streets breathing deeply of the sea air. I love exploring a town this way-- peering into windows, taking note of this shop and that. I could stop and leisurely browse through each one but the pull of the sea is strong. I vow to come back soon and shop to my heart's content.

All roads in this town, I discover, eventually lead to the water. The view literally stops me in my tracks.

The sea sweeps out to the edge of the world. the water sparkling like a beautiful blue topaz gem. I walk through sand almost as fine and soft as confectioners sugar, becoming firmer as I reach the water's edge. I slosh through ankle deep water then stop, marveling at how clear the water is.
A flock of white birds fly over my head looking for all the world like a ribbon trailing across the sky.

The rest of the world comes into focus as I begin observing people around me. People of all shapes and sizes filter in and out of my view. I feel safe enough behind my dark sunglasses to watch unabashedly.There's a family with a cherubic child of about two years old. I laugh when the squealing child runs straight for the water arms outstretched as if to embrace the entire ocean. A couple of older ladies walk by heads bent in deep discussion clearly working to solve the problems of the world. I raise my water bottle in silent salute wishing them much success. I spot a scrap of white and make out a sailboat bobbing on the horizon. I sit for the next two hours watching and vicariously sharing snippets of other people's lives offering little in return for the privilege.

Finally, the sun begins to sag in the sky and I decide it is time to move on as I have fulfilled my goal...
To see, sit and soak in the sea.


Amy Nieto said...

oh im here! im here!! I arrived on Tuesday. I just haven't had time to blog. You know, too busy exploring a town I had never been too! hee hee! But maybe tonight I shall update! And maybe, JUST MAYBE, post some pictures... im wild like that hehe

Lady Em said...

Oh it's so good!!!!!!! South of France maybe?