Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fresh Hope

Thanks for your commiseration on my work rant.

Yesterday, I felt I'd been redeemed.

We've hired a girl who is about to start cosmetology school and is interested in apprenticing with us. That means she will get a special license so she can begin doing hair (under a licensed stylist) while she is going to school. It will help her get a head start on her career. She has impressed me with her quick smile and apparent willingness to do anything and she is available anytime we need her (for now). We hired her and yesterday was her first day. Here is where she really sold me on herself.... she was standing near me, calling clients to confirm appointments and the phone rang. She stood there for a second and when I realized everyone else was busy and no one was answering the phone, I asked her to grab it. She answered stating the business name and her name. I could have swooned! I'm big on phone professionalism (and in all areas of business for that matter) and it seems that she has it!

It was such a breath of fresh air to have her work yesterday. Perhaps it's simply that her personality is more outgoing than some of my other employees so I'm attracted to her ability to be personable. Between that and her willingness to work, she's charmed me.



hepsmom said...

Congrats on a probable good hire. Odds are good she'll be a keeper!

hepsmom said...

Thanks for your comment! Sleep is/was good.