Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Remembrance

To say that Tasha Tudor was a remarkable woman would be an understatement.

In a world bent on technology and "progress", Tasha contentedly lived her life circa 1830, living with no running water, eschewing modern conveniences. To observe her, you could easily believe she had taken advantage of H.G. Well's Time Machine. She enjoyed dressing in period clothing, preferring bare feet most of the time.

Tasha was an avid gardener. Her heirloom gardening was not only beautiful to see, but was used for food as well. She populated her homestead with a variety of animals from parrots to corgi dogs and chickens loving each as pets.

Tasha gained notoriety and respect as a children's author and illustrator. Her watercolor and ink drawings becoming beloved worldwide. Tasha gained much of her knowledge of painting from her mother who was a portrait painter. Her drawings are delicate, reminiscent of another time when life was simple and family was center. Much of her work uses the animals of which she was so fond, her precious corgi dogs playing a prominent role.

I was introduced to Tasha Tudor by my best friend and roommate from college. Back in the ninety's we both subscribed to a lovely magazine called Victoria. Victoria magazine has been a friend of Tasha Tudor's for many years now, documenting her life through lovely articles and photos.

I think I've become as entranced by the lifestyle of Tasha Tudor as I have her delicate artwork. It is fascinating to me to find a women who, in an age of instant gratification, would choose to spin, weave and sew her clothing, raise her own food and in general, "do things the hard way". To choose to live by candlelight, carry your water to the house from the well, eat from the sweat of the brow--daily; it leaves me shaking my head in admiration and wonderment.

I had recently been thinking of Tasha and realizing that she was advancing in years, was curious as to her well being. I opened the September/October issue of Victoria magazine to find news of her passing in June of this year.

In the midst of a life that I find sometimes a little to fast for my pace, I will stop occasionally and remember a woman who embodied the lifestyle my heart yearns for.

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