Saturday, August 23, 2008

Looky What I Did!

So for a person who doesn't really run for exercise, I've sure done a good bit of running in the last couple of days.

I only did it under duress, you understand.

Thursday evening, I was so psyched to go to the gym for a class that has become an unlikely favorite of mine. It's called Bootcamp. The easiest way to describe it is circuit training and exercising at different "stations". The teacher of the class had told me that the schedule would change from Wednesday to Thursdays and this past Thursday was my first opportunity to go.

I actually arrived about 10 minutes early and got on the treadmill to kill time and warm up. Just an easy walk, watching the clock. I noticed people gathering around the door to the classroom, but no teacher. I thought that was odd since she tends to show up early to breath down the neck of the class before her.

Finally, I went over to the door and looked at the posted schedule. Well! They didn't change it after all! It's still on Wednesday! (The people who had gathered were there for BodyFlow, a stretching/yoga class)

Well crap.

Here I am at the gym psyched up for some cardio and my only option at this point is the dang treadmill again. (OH HOW I LOVE THE TREADMILL! *read sarcasm*) I got on and decided to see how far I could run. I realized I can go farther if I think really hard about anything except running. So I did some writing in my head on my book (without a plot). I ran almost a mile before I stopped to walk! Then, after walking approximately a half mile, I cranked it up again to run a solid mile! I then walked for maybe another half mile and called it a night.

On Saturdays, I join a running group that meets. A friend and I walk while they run, then we all go out to breakfast. Except today, my friend didn't come, so what was I to do but start running with a couple of the girls. (Peer pressure, I'm telling ya.) I ran a mile plus a hill before I started walking. I had to walk the rest of the 2ish miles, but I did feel a sense of accomplishment, I have to say.

I may break my arm patting myself on the back...


InTheFastLane said...

Even under duress, I think you might have the running bug :)

hepsmom said...

Excellent work, miss! Running is a sonuva@!#$%, once I get to the gym and on the treadmill, it's not so bad. Do you have an MP3? It really makes it go by faster, regardless of what drivel is on the TVs! Decide your time and fill that time with GREAT music that you love. You'll have a great time. Especially when your strength and endurance is waning, that song comes on and you're back at a great speed!