Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coffee--The Other Wonder Drug

I'm a user.

Unabashed and unashamed user.

I zoomed through my day yesterday, weaving in and out of activities. Seamlessly moving between clients and the business of business that inevitably comes when you own your own salon.

I was effecient, effective and happy.

I made calls, tracked down information, gave an employee a pep talk and did hair almost all at the same time!

I had two cups of coffee before my a.m. meeting with the two other owners of the salon. We met at my favorite local coffee shop. Of course, while there, I had the biggest non-fat latte that they serve. I sipped on that through the morning till lunch.

Occasionally, I go to bed looking foward to the next day if only for the coffee that I know awaits me in the morning. My sister just made my coffee dreams come true when she began working in a coffee shop in our hometown.

I guess we would be safe to say at this point that I love coffee. Hot, cold, frozen...just make it good quality and I'm all over it.

I think I'm addicted.


HeyJules said...

This is one bandwagon I've never jumped on. I go to Starbuck's with friends when they suggest it and have a chai tea latte...that's about as close to the real thing as I care to get.

Don't even think about asking me how much diet coke I drink though...

honeybea said...

I'm missing ya so bad, come drink coffee with me at my new job!
As soon as I squirrel some money away I'll be up there.

ksw_rootswriter said...

Tonight I bought a 3-pk of Illy (Espresso, Espresso Dark and Espresso Drip). On sale at Williams-Sonoma! Heaven in a cup. (Please don't tell hubby that I already had bought a bag of Starbucks Italian roast earlier this was on sale...what's a girl to do?)

InTheFastLane said... only in the morning.

Lady Em said...

I used to love coffee, and then I started doing the hot tea thing which I love, but now the only thing hot I want to drink is chai latte. If you have never had it you should try it, it is heaven!!!!!!

Lady Em said...

I love the smell of coffee too. It is one of those smells that is one of the most wonderful in the world, especially to a scent sensitive raging hormonal preggo women!!!!!!!!

a suburban housewife said...

Ha! We found each other in the cyberworld! Please don't tell me your favorite place is La--e Da. That place has a peculiar odor, and it ain't coffee.