Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Dream Job

One of my twitter "tweeps", Monica over at Daily Dwelling, made a comment last week about being a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson publishing. Intrigued, I made a comment that I would love to do something like that. She kindly gave me the info and I went exploring.

Apparently there are two qualifications.

You must be able to read and give an opinion.


If I'm awake, I have an opinion. And after spending most of my life having people ask me to keep my opinions to myself.... well, you could understand how giddy I am that someone is asking--perhaps begging--for my opinion on something.

And reading... I read the cereal box at breakfast. I read in the tub, while I blow dry my hair, on the treadmill and as I go to sleep at night. Shoot. If I could figure out how to read while I sleep, I'd not only be a millionaire to all the other over-achievers, I'd be a happy girl.

Can you see why this has the potential of being my dream come true?!

I'm looking forward to being a reviewer because I think it will stretch me. I tend to gravitate to the same type of book. Light, fun to read, entertaining. Although I have the luxury of choosing the book I'd like to review, it may not be a book I'd choose normally.

Case in point:
I wouldn't normally choose a book like this, but I'm drawn to it because I have to be a bit of a salesperson as a hairstylist. It will be interesting to learn about the science behind what makes men and women make buying choices.

And for once, I won't have to keep my opinions to myself. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Putting Myself Out There


I'm signing up with Technorati which is a huge blog directory and resource. Go check it out and sign yourself up while you're there

Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Found Item That Cost A Pretty Penny

So Thursday morning we have a chiropractic appointment across town. As usual, we are running really tight on time, traveling separately since I have to go to work directly after. My hubby and I begin a "discussion" as I'm flying out the door about the time and the fact that he should already be on his way.

The conversation continues once we meet at the Dr.'s office.

And again as he helps me get gas in the truck.

Finally, I'm on my way to work. Again-the clock is moving faster than I. I'm on one of the busy highways in my town and pull up to a red light. I'm second in line, fiddling with my phone. The car in front of my pulls away as the light changes, going around something in the road. I look to see what it is and see what appears to be a black sock.

The sock looked at me.

I realized with horror that a kitten was in the road and had been hit but was still very much alive.

I pulled my truck forward trying to remember how to put it in neutral and pull the emergency brake. I jumped out and grabbed the cat noticing immediately that it's back leg was broken. I literally jumped in my car, dropped it in the seat beside me and took off.

It launched itself into the floor and crawled under the seat.

Great. I have to be at work in (literally) one minute. I have a cat in the car who needs medical attention and don't have time to take him. I racked my brain hoping there was a vet on the way but alas, I didn't even have time to stop and sling him into a vet office.

I didn't think this fell under the duties my assistant signed up for.

It occurred to me that my husband was still somewhere behind me, oblivious to my adventure. I called him and asked him to meet me at the salon, I had an assignment for him and I needed his help.

He asked no questions and said he was on his way.

After waiting for him for a moment, expecting him to meet me in the parking lot where I park, I finally ran into him at the salon. (And the miscommunication goes on...) I thrust the cat on him and he took off. I ran in wiping cat schmutz off the best I could and started my day.

Oh, it doesn't end there.

The cat was conveniently ready for pick up at 1pm. The second race began right along with my lunch hour.

I think a pattern is emerging here.

I stopped, along with the rest of the town, at Chick-fil-A to grab lunch and then inhaled it as I drove. I picked up the cat finding out it is is a boy about 6wks old. I had barely looked at him after spending the morning throwing him around. And to my credit, I only choked a little when they told me how much the bill was.

Then, another race back home where I had hoped to change into a clean shirt. Again, no time. I pulled into the yard honking, hubby grabbed the box and I threw some directions into the wind and added and I love you for good measure. I discovered that it doesn't matter if we are at odds with each other. If I have a need, he stops and takes care of me.

He's my hero.

Everyone was asking if I'll keep him.

Of course. I've got to protect my investment.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Mac Attack

We are a two computer family. Hubby has a desktop, I have a laptop. I use the term "I have" loosely since he uses the laptop more than I do. (It's just so dang portable!)

The OS in his computer crashed. We are limping along using the laptop for his photo editing and slideshows. Since my laptop crashed at Christmas, it's activity is tenuous and it's developed idiosyncrasies it didn't have before.

So we are computer shopping.

I don't know why we've never looked at Macs more seriously before.

Macbook Pro
Yes I do.

They are expensive and such "a-horse-of-a-different-color" that I semi-considered that people who owned them were a cult.

Then I began talking to one of my clients who is an unabashed Mac proselytizer. One of my employees brings her little Macbook to work and I've gotten to see for myself what the hub bub is about.

I'm sold.

Now my eyes are beginning to take on that slightly glazed look as I consider the perfect wonderment of both of us having our own Mac laptops...

I picture us strolling into an glossy Apple store; the nirvana of technological gadgetry, and with gleaming smiles and twinkles in our eyes, placing two shiny new Macbook Pros into the shopping cart. I see us sitting side by side comparing notes as we discover each new treasure hidden in the depths of this miraculous machine...


My firstborn is for sale. Any offers?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feeding the Artistic Funkiness...

This past weekend we jaunted down to Savannah to the Pinnacle Art Gallery (a SCAD gallery) to see a small exhibit of Nick Cave's Soundsuits. Two soundsuits were featured. Here is the first with close up details to follow....

These round pieces remind me of patchwork quilts.

Detail of what I call "The Birdbrain"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Right Here. My Heart Laid Open and Exposed.

Sometimes I wish I had the luxury to follow my heart...
If I didn't have to eat, if I didn't have obligations to others, if I had all the time in the world...

I would just sit--holding her, staring at her, running my fingers through her silken hair. Begging time to stop.
Just let me hold my heart for a little while longer...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Setting the Standard for Riveting Posts

Don't know what my deal is.

I used to come to my blog and update it almost every single day. I realize I'm under no obligation to anyone about my blog updates, but I guess my first born tendency is to feel the responsibility: You have a blog. You need to update it.

But tell me how blogworthy this sounds....

Get up. Go to work. Go home. Juggle the kid and husband. Figure out what to eat. Go to bed.

Run errands. Pay bills. Juggle kid and husband. Pretend to clean house. Go to church.


I don't blame you if you just nodded off. I'm sure I would have if I weren't beginning my day.

And because my life is about to sue me for lack of interest, I have taken the hint and planned an outing today.

We are going to an art gallery.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lunar Luna

This lovely luna moth graced us with it's presence for a couple of days. (Love those fern-like, feathery antennae.)The following information is from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actias_luna

Adults eclose, or emerge from their cocoons in the morning. Their wings are very small when they first emerge and they must enlarge them by pumping bodily fluids through them. During this time, their wings will be soft and they must climb somewhere safe to wait for their wings to harden before they can fly away. This process takes about 2 hours to complete.
Based on the climate in which they live, the Luna moths produce differing numbers of generations. In the southern United States, there can be as many as three generations. These are spaced every eight to ten weeks beginning in March.

The Luna moth has a wingspan of between 8–11.5 cm (3-4.5 in) with long, tapering hindwings, which have eyespots on them in order to confuse potential predators. Although rarely seen due to their very brief (1 week) adult lives, Luna moths are considered common. As with all Saturniidae, the adults do not eat or have mouths. They emerge as adults solely to mate, and as such, only live approximately one week. They are more commonly seen at night

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Reluctant Graduate

Sorry for my lackadaisical blog entries. It's not for lack of desire. I even have a few things I'd like to write about, one of which, I'm trying to do research on.

We are down to one computer. "My" laptop. I say "my" because it was bought with the intention that I would use it for work and keep client info on it. Ideally, no one else would put "their stuff" on it. BUT. When you are married, everything is "ours" so I can't very well say--"Keep your stinkin' paws off my laptop, I gotta blog to update!" now can I? (O.K., you may be braver than I, but I can't say it OUT LOUD.)

School is out. I am now the proud mother of a preschool graduate. A preschool graduate who is wise beyond her years.

Case in point:

The morning of her graduation as I was getting ready I said to her, "I know kindergarten will be good, but mommy will really miss (preschool teachers and director) Miss Julie, Miss Beverly, Miss Jill and Miss Ann at your preschool." To which she sagely replied: "Mommy, don't be sad because Miss Julie, Miss Beverly, Miss Jill and Miss Ann will still be at preschool. And Miss Coffey (kindergarten teacher) is so sweet!"

You're right.

But mommy doesn't wanna graduate.