Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Mac Attack

We are a two computer family. Hubby has a desktop, I have a laptop. I use the term "I have" loosely since he uses the laptop more than I do. (It's just so dang portable!)

The OS in his computer crashed. We are limping along using the laptop for his photo editing and slideshows. Since my laptop crashed at Christmas, it's activity is tenuous and it's developed idiosyncrasies it didn't have before.

So we are computer shopping.

I don't know why we've never looked at Macs more seriously before.

Macbook Pro
Yes I do.

They are expensive and such "a-horse-of-a-different-color" that I semi-considered that people who owned them were a cult.

Then I began talking to one of my clients who is an unabashed Mac proselytizer. One of my employees brings her little Macbook to work and I've gotten to see for myself what the hub bub is about.

I'm sold.

Now my eyes are beginning to take on that slightly glazed look as I consider the perfect wonderment of both of us having our own Mac laptops...

I picture us strolling into an glossy Apple store; the nirvana of technological gadgetry, and with gleaming smiles and twinkles in our eyes, placing two shiny new Macbook Pros into the shopping cart. I see us sitting side by side comparing notes as we discover each new treasure hidden in the depths of this miraculous machine...


My firstborn is for sale. Any offers?


spidermomrootswriter said...

I'll take her. Our 5-year-old needs a twin.

I had a Mac for business for a while...nice, but I know longer do things artsy enough to justify the $$ (though my Mom has one & swears by it). I guess now I'd rather have 2 laptops for the price of one. Less quibbling.

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

I have the EXACT SAME DREAM. My next laptop will be a Macbook.


I hope.

If I save all of my money.

InTheFastLane said...

I've been thinking about getting Violet her own laptop as she starts H.S. And since she is interested in film and film editing, I am thinking I should get her a mac. BUT, I can buy a decent PC for $700. Not so a mac.