Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Found Item That Cost A Pretty Penny

So Thursday morning we have a chiropractic appointment across town. As usual, we are running really tight on time, traveling separately since I have to go to work directly after. My hubby and I begin a "discussion" as I'm flying out the door about the time and the fact that he should already be on his way.

The conversation continues once we meet at the Dr.'s office.

And again as he helps me get gas in the truck.

Finally, I'm on my way to work. Again-the clock is moving faster than I. I'm on one of the busy highways in my town and pull up to a red light. I'm second in line, fiddling with my phone. The car in front of my pulls away as the light changes, going around something in the road. I look to see what it is and see what appears to be a black sock.

The sock looked at me.

I realized with horror that a kitten was in the road and had been hit but was still very much alive.

I pulled my truck forward trying to remember how to put it in neutral and pull the emergency brake. I jumped out and grabbed the cat noticing immediately that it's back leg was broken. I literally jumped in my car, dropped it in the seat beside me and took off.

It launched itself into the floor and crawled under the seat.

Great. I have to be at work in (literally) one minute. I have a cat in the car who needs medical attention and don't have time to take him. I racked my brain hoping there was a vet on the way but alas, I didn't even have time to stop and sling him into a vet office.

I didn't think this fell under the duties my assistant signed up for.

It occurred to me that my husband was still somewhere behind me, oblivious to my adventure. I called him and asked him to meet me at the salon, I had an assignment for him and I needed his help.

He asked no questions and said he was on his way.

After waiting for him for a moment, expecting him to meet me in the parking lot where I park, I finally ran into him at the salon. (And the miscommunication goes on...) I thrust the cat on him and he took off. I ran in wiping cat schmutz off the best I could and started my day.

Oh, it doesn't end there.

The cat was conveniently ready for pick up at 1pm. The second race began right along with my lunch hour.

I think a pattern is emerging here.

I stopped, along with the rest of the town, at Chick-fil-A to grab lunch and then inhaled it as I drove. I picked up the cat finding out it is is a boy about 6wks old. I had barely looked at him after spending the morning throwing him around. And to my credit, I only choked a little when they told me how much the bill was.

Then, another race back home where I had hoped to change into a clean shirt. Again, no time. I pulled into the yard honking, hubby grabbed the box and I threw some directions into the wind and added and I love you for good measure. I discovered that it doesn't matter if we are at odds with each other. If I have a need, he stops and takes care of me.

He's my hero.

Everyone was asking if I'll keep him.

Of course. I've got to protect my investment.


InTheFastLane said...

keep the husband and the cat!

ScrappyGypsy said...

He is precious! What are you naming him? What a wonderful end to this story of a very busy and frantic day. You are a hero in this kitty's eyes....and mine too! I send best wishes from my own three fur babies...Loudmouth, Julio and Little Bit. :)

LaundryBasketCase said...

How kind of you to stop for him. What a lovely kitten, I hope he brings you lots of joy! A lovely post!

headchange said...

First time I ever popped in to peek at your blog.
Your life sounds sooooo much like the crazy times we have.
I will definitely be back to read more.
Just letting you know I'm lurking about.

alexkeller said...

aawwwww! so cute! they're so adorable when they're so little! makes me want to have one again...

spidermomrootswriter said...

sweet :0)

We have a CoCo, too...that's what our eldest named his maternal grandmother. It stuck, and now lots of the nieces & nephews call her that.