Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Tea Cozy

You know I love coffe. Believe me, I LOVE coffee.

But. There are occasions where nothing will do but a cup of tea. Piping, steaming, fragrant tea.

I've been consistently cold today. You know. Hands and feet perpetually cold. Odd for the middle of August, I know.

I think this calls for a cup of hot tea. Don't you?

Now, I considered other ways to get warm. I think of my hubby as my own personal heater. I swear his body temp hovers at around 150 degrees or so. Unfortunately, snuggling with him means he is sweating in about 10 seconds. Plus this is a family blog, so I couldn't get very far posting about that....

How do you take your tea?

Here in the South, tea is usually brewed, sweetened (heavily) and served over ice. It's a staple at meals and very refreshing on a hot summer's day. Interestingly enough, although I've grown up on sweet tea, I don't make it often at home. I drink it only occasionally.

Others drink hot tea, heating water and adding tea bags or loose tea and letting it steep. Some add honey, lemon, and/or milk as well.

That is my preference today. A piping hot cup of Earl Grey. Lightly sweetened, with milk.

What will you have?
Just let me know....I'm pouring.


Lady Em said...

That picture of the lady with the tea cup cracks me up. That is what I look like in the morning!!!!!!
I love tea, especially when I am cold, it is the best along with a warm bath and a good book. Can you tell I am sleepy? Earl Grey with milk is divine. Yum,yum,yum.

honeybea said...

I can't seem to adjust myself to hot/warm tea, I do try. I have a cup of nettle tea when I'm able, it's suppose to be very good for you. I also have fennel seed tea. It is good for your digestive system if you can handle the licorice taste and smell. Add some honey and a little sugar and mmm, it's not bad, I mean if you like hot/warm tea which I don't so much.

Anonymous said...

I will have a cold, lightly sweetened tea on ice please. Thanks for the pour. Oh, and no lemons. And, no straw.