Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lost and Found

Ugh, I woke up with a headache this a.m. My alarm went off at 5 so I could go to Body Pump at 5:30. Something is wrong with my alarm, I barely heard it. Gotta check on that. I considered not going to BP, but thought my headache would subside as I went. No. It was bearable, but uncomfortable the whole time. I did a light class today and was proud of myself for pushing through the pain. Now that I'm home, I've loaded up on the ibuprofen, coffee and bkfst. After my shower, I should be good to go.

I still haven't gotten my girl a BD present. Tomorrow is b/the/b day. My big girlbaby will be 4 years old. Wow and double wow!

Well, I found a client I thought I had lost last week. :) It's so funny, I prayed to have a good imagination, but it kicks in at the worst times! Several of my clients come once a week. I call them my babies. Occasionally, they switch up their appointments when they go out of town or something comes up. I remembered sweet baby went to the beach, but expected her back this past Thurs., 2pm comes and goes and she doesn't show up. I panic. She NEVER doesn't show up! Well, I called her house and got her machine and I don't know the names of family members or her gentleman friend- I have no other way to reach her. Well, Monday, I was ready to look up obituaries and/or call the hospital. (my imagination was running flat out!) I spoke with another client who knows someone who knows sweet baby, (it's a small town) and they said that they hadn't heard of anything happening so that relieved my mind considerably. Weellll, shortly thereafter, sweet baby called me! She had still been at the beach and I hadn't erased her off my book! I looked at the coming appt she has for this Thurs and she wasn't on my book. On the wrong week, off the right week! Later, I discovered I had put her at the right time, but wrote the wrong name! Good greif! Well, it's straightened out now. Thank goodness. I love that sweet baby.

Have a great day, maybe more will come later.

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