Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hellooo, Gorgeous!!

Have you been outside?! It is positively gorgeous! It is refreshingly cool, but not quite cold. A breath of fresh air indeed!! I went to BP this a.m. and am positively giddy with pleasure. I just enjoy mornings so much. Dawn brings with it such anticipation. Although it is still dark, you know the sun is just on the edge and you keep checking the sky for its progress. The trees are silhouetted outside my kitchen window as I write and their outline against the sky is becoming less distinct as the sun reaches its lazy arms into the sky. Sigh.
Time to fire it up this morning. Have to be at work at 8:30 before clients to tape a promo for work. Tried to do it yesterday during working hours, but the salon was too noisy. Take 2.
Got my hair cut last night! I'm aiming for my crazy all over my head spikiness again, but because my hair was past my shoulders, we decide to take it in stages. It now has some clean traditional bob lines, sharp angles and some craziness on top of my head. No time for a pic, I'm sorry. Maybe later.
This week promises to be very busy. Hope I survive.
Gotta fly....

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hepsmom said...

Morning is awesome this time of year. I have 7:30 duty and, I'm happy to say, my toes got cold this morning!!! Come on fall.

You are such a BodyPump diva! Keep it up!