Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Circle of Life

I took the day off yesterday. Well, sort of. I went to a memorial service for a man from church and then went and got the things I needed for a teensy-weensy birthday party.
I was struck by the emotion of the day. Here I was celebrating the life of my child, but also mourning the death of a friend. It was not with a hopeless sadness that I mourned, because I know that one day I will be reunited with him along with other family and friends in heaven. That is such a comfort when someone dies. This does not, however, lessen my emotion of sadness because I will miss them. It's O.K. to mourn. The Bible says, "Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted." I find that freeing, because I always got the message, "Don't cry for them, they're in a better place!" "You'll see them again!" Well, be that as it may, it still hurts. So I cry. I Cry and laugh and remember.

When asked, my girl was specific about some of the aspects of her birthday: "I want cake, hats, presents, and balloons!" I asked what color she wanted her balloons. "Red, bwue and owange." You got it. With a Dora balloon thrown in for good measure. I made a cake, and creatively frosted it. (o.k., when Martha says apply a thin layer of frosting over the cake to seal loose crumbs, HOW do you do that exactly?! I always end up with crumby frosting.) Shanna applied some blue sprinkles and we were good to go. We went next door and invited our favorite girls over. (Mom and daughter) and had a bona fide party! I'm so glad our friends came over. They added so much. And, I felt like such a cool mom because I gave my girl a gift the 12 year old is wishing for. (The littlest pet shop) We blew candles and then later we did it again and again. She has made such strides since last year. She can really blow now!

I'm proud of myself this a.m., I overslept by about 10min, but still made it to BP at 5:30. It was a great workout. The time went by quickly and I enjoyed almost all of the routines. Afterward, I got on the elliptical machine for about 30 minutes. Oh, yeah, feeling very self righteous at this point. Let's hope I still feel that way at lunch and eat well. I tend to feel since I worked out, let's have that burger and fries!

Looking forward to a laid back weekend that includes a massage and pedicure. Hey don't ooh and ahh over that massage too much. I love them, but it's more like physical therapy sometimes. I truly think it will keep me from carpal tunnel. It helps my shoulders and neck which stay in knots. Thinking of that massage will get me through my day. I also get to see my regular "babies" today. Including the one I "lost". :)

Well, I'm off to have a great day. You do too, O.K.?


lavender said...

Hi Angela....thanks for the nice comments on your neighbors and we enjoyed sharing Shanna's birthday party with you all. Just to let you know that Kristeena is only 11 and not 12 yet as the blog said. I only say that because I would love to keep her 11 for as long as possible. : ) Patricia

hepsmom said...

Nice work getting to BodyPump! You are AWESOME. Glad that beautiful little girl had a good birthday. Glad her mom did, too!