Monday, December 20, 2010

Who's Your Grammar?

I posted a status on Facebook today that sparked a record (for me) 18 comments.

What would incite such scintillating conversation?


Oh yeah. I live on the edge.

In the process, I learned of this website. (Herein is the link to the particular issue that plagued me.) If you want to learn some dirty little literary secrets, go take a peek.


wordwranglernc said...

I am so NOT the grammar police. Matter of fact, I would probably be thrown under the jail house if questioned. :)

Angela said...

I say, "Where are you?" Are you okay?

And I will go and take a peek.

Tanya Dennis said...

That's my very favorite grammar site. I even have her "Grammar Devotional." I love it! Yes, I am a geek, but that's what makes me a good editor. ;)