Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Altered Otterbox

Sunday, it was raining and I went outside to take some photos with my phone. After I came back inside, my daughter was fiddling with my phone and said that a part of the screen wasn't working. It had JUST worked fine 2 seconds ago, so I panicked and took the protective case off and started investigating. 
I needed to change the protective screen film anyway. 
Sure enough, some raindrops had worked their way under the screen. I dried it up and it was good as gold. 

Then I looked at the case. 

You know how I hate "normal". And my Otterbox, while pink in color, looks JUST LIKE everyone else's pink Otterbox. 

I've used Sharpies and added some designs on the case before, but they wore off with use. 

So I decided I wanted to take it a step further in personalization, so I pulled out the paint. 

It's happier already! But I doodled some more...

I love a paint pen. 

I love this because it's cute. 
I love this because it is uniquely mine now. 
I love this because I overcame my reluctance of "ruining" or "devaluing" something that was perfectly good just the way it was. 

Art is good therapy!

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