Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Piece of Quiet...

Ah, this weekend will be the prize for enduring the mid winter blahs.

We are going to St. Simons, GA. My favorite place on the planet. St. Simons is part of the Golden Isles off the coast of Georgia. I discovered it when my husband took me there on our first anniversary/honeymoon. It was love at first sight. We stayed at Epworth by the Sea and were so charmed by the loveliness and peace of the area that we stay there everytime we visit.

One of my clients will be married this weekend at the prayer chapel at Epworth. I jokingly told her that if she would get me a room, I'd do her hair and makeup for her wedding. *grin* Sometimes I'm just shameless. But I'm going to St. Simons now, aren't I?

My girl is excited about going to the beach. Never mind that the water is probably frigid. I think she'll be happy just to look at it and frolic in the sand.

We'll have breakfast every morning at the Sandcastle (they don't have a website, but they do have the best breakfast on the island in my opinion...but considering I've never tried anyone else, I could be a bit biased about that.) We'll drive around exploring, visiting old favorite places, discovering new ones. Mourning the commercialism that is seeping in. We'll drowse in the island sun and rest in the shade of the multitude of sprawling live oaks.

I'm looking foward to the relaxation that falls upon me like a mantle as we drive across the causeway onto the island.

I take a deep breath...and feel I'm home.


InTheFastLane said...

That sounds lovely! Enjoy!

ScrappyGypsy said...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! It was beautiful down there this weekend. Warm...sunny....I am positive you loved it. We were in Jacksonville this past weekend and it was so lovely as well. Hope that your break restored and revitalized you! We all need that! By the way, we were just an hour apart all weekend weren't we? LOL!