Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

My laptop has developed a case of amnesia.

While my hubby was online yesterday, the computer decided to take itself out of this world. Hubby cranked it up again and it's like it remembers nothing we've told it in the past. It has created it's own profile, conveniently forgetting anything we had set up for ourselves.

It's particularly devastating to my photographer hubby and his sentimental wife, because he has most of my girl's life in pictures stored in the memory and now cannot find anything. I do believe he transferred a lot of things off to an external drive (I don't even know what I'm saying--I'm repeating.) but he has to find them and remember if he actually did that. (The computer is not the only one with amnesia...)

Off to the computer hospital it will go on Monday with hopes of a new brain being installed or the old one being accessed. There is talk around here about getting a new computer. Since he does lots of photo editing and it takes up so much memory, we should have one devoted completely to editing and one for internet and personal purposes. I really wish we could have his and her computers. I want one of my own that is free from his idiosyncrasies. (He likes to go in and fiddle with the settings. I've learned a lot through him, but am likely to find things moved around on the computer which causes me to scream: AAAARGH!!! Inside my head of course.)

Thankfully, we do have a spare computer, otherwise I would be in serious withdrawal right about now...

In other news, (is there any?) we are immersing ourselves in Christmas music and decorating the tree today and one particular little girl is lobbying to make sugar cookies.

And that makes life just about perfect.

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hepsmom said...

Are you still coughing or are you in recovery mode? I'm sorry you've been unable to run lately.