Sunday, January 18, 2009

Branching out...

...Which in my case means, going out on a limb.

I have taken a deep breath and signed up for my very first online class of any kind. Anything that sounds like it might have anything to do with higher learning makes me hyperventilate. (That deep breath was the very beginning symptom.)

Not only have I signed up to stretch my brain, I'm stretching my right brain with the coaching of a very creative girl: Traci Bautista. When I'm not petrified, I'm very excited. I love Traci's colorful work which has a sense of freedom. I'm looking to release my inner artist and give myself permission to break the rules and go with the flow.

I'm going to sling paint, scratch, scribble, cut and paste. It'll be just like kindergarten all over again.

Except that paper bag won't be for my lunch.
(Breathe in and out...slowly now...)
Collage Unleashed aRt! workshops


The Bush Family said...

I just started school last week and I also hyperventilated on Monday before signing in to so far I love it! I hope you love it too!! yay for branching out!! :)

HeyJules said...

You go girl! I think that sounds like a wonderful pursuit!