Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I circle the number like a wrestler gauging his foe, contemplating it's magnitude.

It has honestly not occured to me to even consider 4 because I've been so focused on my accomplishment. I mean, running 3 miles is major for a non-runner like me.


Honestly, FastLane! Are you kidding me? You're going to make a runner of me yet!!!


InTheFastLane said...

3 is awesome! Don't think I was demeaning your accomplishment. But, if you can do 3, keep it rolling, another .25 miles /week.

honeybea said...

Your mom is sitting here beside me viewing your blog. She says hello. I love you. and call me back already.
She left you a message.

Love you,
Love, mom and sis

hepsmom said...

I must correct you. You're no longer a non-runner!