Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday Adventures

I wasn't quite awake, but mommy and daddy said I there was an birthday present for me to open before I went to school. Even though my birthday wasn't until Saturday, mommy said I could have this present early! Hurray! Knowing you have a birthday present sure helps you wake up quicker! Daddy is holding our cat Coco. Coco really wants to "help" me open my present.

Ooooh, what is it?! Coco says, "It's CRACKLY PAPER!"

It's a dress!! With birthday balloons on it!!! Mommy won this dress from Chigger Hill Cottage! Mommy said Ms. Rhonda made it all by herself! Wow, Ms. Rhonda is really smart to know how to do that!


And look what else!! A cool bow to go with my dress! (Uh, daddy, no offense, but I think I'll let mom put it in for me.)

Daddy, maybe it would look better on you if you were wearing the bow...

See, Daddy? Doesn't it look better with the bow?

Here I am, all ready for school.

School is always fun, but today was extra special because, I was THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!!

Mommy and Daddy brought BALLOONS! Just like on my dress!

They also brought cupcakes for everyone in my class! My favorite part is the icing. I got a blue one, 'cause I always get blue.

Do you like my blue lipstick?!

I'm wearing my pink class shirt under my dress. You can't see it, but this is what is on the back! We drew our faces and wrote our names. We are all really good artists!

Part of my favorite part of Friday at school is going to the treasure chest!!

Wow! I had so much fun celebrating my birthday with my friends at school!
--A note from mommy...
You really MUST go check out Chigger Hill Cottage. While you very well may get a cavity looking at all that sweetness, you should definitely risk it because there are some cutie-patootie outfits for your girly-girl. Her prices are reasonable and her handiwork is very well done and professional. Tell her Hippychick sent ya.


Rhonda said...

I absolutely LOVED your story!!! What a sweet little girl you have. Hope she had an extra special day! Thanks again for your participation and blogging about your win! I'll be planning another! Best wishes-Rhonda

InTheFastLane said...

What a cutie!! Love the dress. Makes me want a little girls again. Daddy, however...should not wear the dress.

Bebe said...

Awwwww...your little girl is so sweet and pretty in her new dress! I hope she had a wonderful birthday party!!
Hugs, Bebe :)

P.S. I want a cupcake....!! :)

Dapoppins said...

oh, what a fantastic day and what a fantastic memory. She looks sooooo happy!

and the kitty looks happy too. hehe