Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller

Moriah married the man of her dreams.

Levi Miller, unfortunately, had other dreams. Dreams that didn't include Moriah. Or the Amish life he had grown up in.

Members of a closeknit Amish community, Moriah was looking forward to her life with Levi. Her wedding is picture perfect and soon after she finds, to her delight, that her dreams are fulfilled when she discovers she is pregnant.

But Levi leaves Moriah and the Amish before she can tell him of the good news.

Gabe Miller, Levi's twin, has loved Moriah since they were children. His heart breaks as he sees Moriah pregnant and abandonded.

But what can he do? The Amish Ordnung does not permit divorce. Even if Levi never returns, Moriah can never be his. Must he be content to love her from afar?

Hurt and betrayed, Moriah struggles to trust a God who also seems to have abandoned her.

For some reason, I'm drawn to books with Amish settings. Maybe I'm drawn to the portrayal of a simpler life. The Amish seem to live such quiet, orderly lives.

I love Kathleen Fuller's characters. She presents a very human side of the Amish showing deep emotional struggles. She also places real life scenarios into the story. Unrequited love, betrayal, hurt and bitterness are not glossed over in A Man of His Word. The parallel story line of Tobias and Rachel provided a bit of lightness to all the heavier drama the main character, Moriah, was facing.

I look forward to Kathleen Fuller's next Hearts of Middlefield book, An Honest Love.

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