Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today is the Day...

...that I drag this blog up from the depths.

I may have unintentionally set the record for how long one goes without posting on a blog.

Over 2 years.

Anyone want to check the Guiness Book of World Records for me?

Ah, well. Water under the bridge.

As I've considered whether or not to begin blogging again, I've done a bit of introspection and found how much I've changed in the last 2 years. Or maybe not exactly changed, but refined. I think I still have the same interests, especially in the creative arts and natural health; but I feel my interests have/are becoming more specific.

For instance:
 I am passionate about herbal medicine. I seek out alternative methods for treating sickness for our family, choosing to try natural remedies.
I was introduce to Young Living essential oils in May of 2012 and began using them for our family in June of 2013. I love essential oils because they are the strongest concentration of the plant form and therefore, extremely effective and versatile in application.

Regarding the creative arts, I still have far more interests than I have time to engage; and as seems to be my way, I get super into something and can't get enough of it for a spell, then I move onto something else. Never dropping it completely, but my obsession waxes and wanes.

Currently I am trying my hand at refashioning/altering clothing.  Love, LOVE, LOVE doing this.

In other news, we've been trying to incorporate a cleaner eating lifestyle since August of 2013.
We've gone gluten free and have cut out processed foods and refined sugar. We've definitely had many health benefits as a result; the largest being, weight loss and reduction of inflammation in the body. Win. Win.

I decided to blog again, not because I want to be popular or even noticed particularly. This go 'round, I'm doing this for me. To chronicle my interests. To journal. To have a holding place for my projects and interests. 

This I do for me.

Come along, if you like.

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