Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tshirt to tunic

I was so excited to finish this shirt early this morning. (Thank you, sweet dog, for your 4:30 wake up calls.)

I'm a person who can't go back to sleep (easily) once I'm awakened. And anything after 4am, I don't even try. I know it's useless. 

So I sew. 

(See what I did there?)

I didn't take a before pic of this because, sometimes I just look at something, get inspired and go to it. Can you relate?

I took a man's large tshirt and cut off the sleeves, cut the shoulders open, and cut off the ribbed collar. I placed it on my dress form, sliding the shirt down midway and suddenly visualized straps. 
Then I took the ribbed waist/hem from this yellow shirt and trimmed it to size to make shoulder straps. 

It's now a loose, comfy tunic. 

Which brings is back to this morning. I was anticipating wearing it to work over some skinny jeans. 


Then I looked at the weather. 

Rain. All day. High of 48. 

Insert bipolar weather remark here. 

So. I have to delay my gratification, and content myself with sharing it here with you. 

That helped. 


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