Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feeling the Highs of Anticipation and the Lows of...Well, Feeling Low.

Wow it's only Tuesday, but I feel I've felt a whole week's worth of emotions in three short days.

Sunday, for whatever reason, my hubby and I had a rough day together. I suspect he was feeling--something---which led to a loooooong conversation during which I cried most of the time. What can I say. Marriage is that way sometimes. You hit a bump, but once that hill is traversed, life can be smooth sailing again.

But that didn't happen immediately, so I spent half of Monday thinking, considering and generally digesting. I find working with my clients helps take my introspective mind off myself and I must say that my day improved with age.

At the end of this week, I'm flying out to NYC for a hair show. I've been kind of disappointed, because last week I found out that I owe a pretty significant amount for taxes this year and that kind of sucked the joy out of my trip. I feel like if I go I shouldn't spend a penny on anything that isn't Absolutely Necessary. Like food. (But I'm gonna get some GOOD food dangit!) And with that pragmatic approach, I've decided: "Hey. I'm going to New York City, whoopee!"

Today was the best yet. One of my clients today is also one of my good friends. Every time she has her hair done, we make it a point to have lunch together. Not just any lunch but a 2 hour lunch. And let's face it. If lunch is done well it will take a minimum of 2 hours. We love to savor and enjoy our food. We always choose a restaurant (no fast food) and usually we try to visit a place that will be (a.) Delicious and (b.) a Culinary Adventure. Today we tried the only Thai restaurant in town. We hit the culinary jackpot.

After feasting on omelet soup, pad Thai and some sort of catfish "pen kay" (who knows?) we studied the dessert menu. Since we couldn't make up our minds, we chose two desserts: a triple chocolate cheesecake and something with vanilla ice cream and Grand Marnier drizzled fruit. Beyond that we ended up with a couple of ginormous white and dark covered strawberries and a side of mango mousse.

May I say after polishing off our entrees we put serious dents in all of the desserts. Strawberries? Gone. Ice Cream? Only a smattering of fruit remained. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake? Barely enough to divide to take home.

But we did anyway.

Food is wonderful therapy, but this particular friend is also of creative mind. While shamelessly eating off each other's plates, she began telling me about a plot line she has and we began brainstorming using her phone to record some of our ideas. (I thought that was brilliant. My great ideas always evaporate without a trace.)

After asking the wait staff for a wheel barrow to roll us out, she returned me to work. I have retained my sense of well being, feeling that my time with her helped light my creative spark.

My heart feels free, because....

I am me.


InTheFastLane said...

Stuff with my husband always brings me down. So glad you have a friend to bring you back up!

a suburban housewife said...

Have a BLAST in NYC; you won't even look like a tourist :) That's a compliment. Come back with some blue, pink, or purple hair. You're just not "Angela" with the blonde!! Remember- boldness (I'm not being irreverent here)!

We should totally do a girl's dessert night at Coconut. Calvin is a culinary genius/artist!

michele said...

Hope things are going better for you now. Keep your head up and keep eating lots of good food. If your husband is a pain, lock him out of the house or refuse to feed him.