Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Man in the Marriage

My husband and I are firstborns. If you know anything about birth order, I can stop right there. If you aren't familiar with this concept, just know that both of us are convinced of our rightness in any given situation and compromise is a foreign addition to our vocabulary.

It makes marriage challenging and often messy.

I marvel that we are still together after 23 years of marriage. I must admit to times of fantasizing of living life apart; thinking it would make my life so much simpler and peaceful.

But occasionally, I catch a glimpse of the reason I stay married this man.

We were putting our girl to bed. As is our usual custom, we/she read a story from her Children's Bible. The story was about Jesus walking on water. We were imagining how He did that. That sparked a scientific conversation about water striders and surface tension.

As he expounded, I realized in a flash--this man has so much knowledge. Knowledge that has long since leaked out of my brain.

Later, I was lying in bed and my reading was accompanied by the sounds of Hubby playing the piano and singing.

Tears sprang to my eyes as I realized that, while I may be a very capable woman, I am not the end all, be all.

And there is no reason why I should try.

My husband adds so much to my life. Sometimes, so much more than I ask.

But. He completes me.


Anonymous said...

Thank You, Most Excellent LADY! I remain your most humble servant...

I, too, am staggered by your superlative skills in many and widely-ranging areas.

Remember, only EQUALS can cause Fireworks! I have NEVER thought of YOU as the "little woman."

Far from THAT! YOU are a Lady of formidable character and personal constitution!

I have NEVER had an argument with you without feeling the intense need for Extensive Research! ;)

I LOVE You, Most Worthy LADY! :)

The Book of Canticles... :}

Carrie said...

Awww...so sweet!!! :) Loved this post! :) My hubby & I are also both firstborns, so yeah - I get you on that. :) Hubby's mom says she's never seen two more stubborn people. :) But somehow we make it work. :)

ScrappyGypsy said...

Love the reply from "your humble servant"!
Maybe it is a good thing that my husband is a first born and I am the baby? But then again....we are both almost like only children because he is 13 years older than his brother, and I am 16 years younger than my sister. No kids in between for either of us. Now what does that say about us?????

Seems you and your hubby have a fabulous relationship. How amazing is this for your child to see, in a day when marriage is a disposable commodity!!!

Lady Em said...

Brent-boy and I are both firstborns as well, I know how hard it is, but he completes me to, and that makes up for all of it.
Love this post.

InTheFastLane said...

VERY sweet! And I hear you. There is a marriage of firstborns here as well. And we are both always right. Always.

alexkeller said...

hubby and i are both first borns too - we're both always right! thanks for reminding me that we're both here for each other

Dapoppins said...

I had an odd dream last night about an old boyfriend and a rekindled relationship...and during the dream my rational mind kept saying, "But your husband is so much more wonderful than this guy...why are you even thinking of him...where is your husband? " And despite much wooing of the old boyfriend in the dream, I decided that I already have everything I need.

Even my dream mind is loyal.

Thank goodness. Cause I do not know what I would do without my husband.