Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rolling Right Along

I'm on a roll.

And given the dedication to my current exercise regime, I'm growing them too.

This morning I arose at (say it with me) 5:20am. I felt remarkably alert and ready to head to the gym.

I breezed through getting dressed. Until I opened my lingerie drawer. Oh, who am I kidding... There's nothing in there racier than a pair of flower-dy panties. I shuffled around the first layer digging ever deeper as my quarry eluded me.

NO! NO!!

I ran to the latest pile of clothes waiting to be folded and pawed through them trying to fight the train of thought my brain began to board.

Too late. That train was leaving the station. Everything ground to a halt.

Reverse engines.

Look at the clock. Wow. I could get a lot done...

So I searched high and low (see a theme here?) for some receipts I could deduct for taxes and made chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies for my hubbie to take on a trip.

All for the lack of a sportsbra.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Making cookies at that time of the morning? Wow.

Thanks by the way for your comment - you are completely right - how to explain something you can't see? And it seems there should be a better word than 'tired'. It just doesn't encompass it all. I've often heard the: 'oh, we all get tired' line. And I think - yes, we do. But not all of us like this.

Anyway thanks for the encouragement :)