Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Apron Making Mania

This why it takes me all day to do anything...I have to stop and take pictures of this preciousness:

This is Coco. He's the cat I rescued out of the middle of the highway about 2 weeks ago. He has a broken leg (not shown here) but that has not slowed him down in the least and he is rip-roaring through the house at top speed. His purr is bigger than he is. I could eat him up with a spoon and go back for seconds.

But I digress....
This is really what I did on Sunday between cat kisses...

Project Apron!
I had planned on a VERY SIMPLE square apron that simply tied around the waist for my little girl.


"I want an apron that comes up here!" Patting chest area. "But not around the neck, 'cuz Daddy said nothing on the neck, I might get hurt!"


I aim to please.

I'm not known for my planning, measuring and general perfection when it comes to sewing. My motto is "Guess and Go!".

So I eyeballed the fabric, folded it in half, drew a chalk line and cut.
I trimmed the sides to even it up a bit more...
Folded over the edge for a small hem snipping notches in the rounded edge for a smoother finish.
Not bad so far...this might actually work!

Since I couldn't put anything around her neck, (grump, groan, growl) I cut two small strips, folding each edge to center and sewing to make a strap which I then attached to the bib and the back. (Here it is shown pinned before sewing.)
For a tie, I had the idea of using ribbon, so I raided my stash and found some orange satin ribbon which I sewed to the front leaving long tails free in the back for wrapping around the waist to tie in the front.

Here's my little model who is so pleased, it pains her to think about it...(this is her "I'm smiling so pretty for the camera" smile.)
After she went to bed, I added a couple of pockets at her request.
I was inordinately pleased with how it turned out. It went quite smoothly aside from a bobbin adventure about midway through. I misplaced my sewing machine manual and had to go online to find a video on how to wind the bobbin on my machine. Then I had to futz with remembering how to get the bobbin back in and rethread my machine. (Sew often?! Uh. NO.)

While still flush with this success, I'll have to keep in practice.

If nothing else, so I can remember how to work the machine.


alexkeller said...

oh my gosh - such cuteness! the cat, the apron....oh, and your little girl, too LOL i love that she requested pockets :D

Dapoppins said...

I have been wanting to add sewing to my paper projects, I usually just end up loosing my sanity.

The apron and the very pleased and proud little girl are adorable!

spidermomrootswriter said...

Hey, your girly is lucky to have a mother who takes requests! Very cute indeed...

ScrappyGypsy said...

That is really cute! It looks almost like a sundress!

Carrie said...

Um, you are amazing. I hardly sew at all, but I think you did a great job. :)

Alicia P. said...

You are a natural, lady!!! Just look at that proud smile!