Thursday, May 1, 2008

Grab a Plate and Pull Up a Chair

You guys ROCK!

You were so gracious to give me such helpful feedback about eating well. I'm looking forward to implementing your ideas. I'll give you an overview of what everyone shared...

Lunanik suggested Kale which I've been reading about but haven't had the guts to try since it's not a "mainstream" vegetable. She says to saute some onion and garlic (I'm already there--is there anything that smells better than onion and garlic while they are cooking?) keeping the pan wet with a little low sodioum chicken broth. Wilt the kale, but leave some curliness to it. Don't cook it down to nothing. Serve it on top of mashed potatoes. I would have never guessed mashed potatoes, but hey, I can count on Lunanik to pull some surprises. I've been considering kale recently and read that it's a nutritional powerhouse, so I'll be branching out. Thanks for stretching me, Lunanik!

InTheFastLane suggested incorporating black beans in different ways, like, grinding them up like meat and adding them to lasagna, soups and chili. All I can say is...Duh! Why hadn't that occurred to me? I agree with her that black beans on rice w/ salsa and cheddar cheese (add sour cream to mine please) is also one of my faves and I'm planning on doing that one this weekend! Yum! (Ooh, I bet a squeeze of lime juice would jack that up a bit and I just remembered! I have FRESH cilantro in a pot outside! OMG! Can this get ANY better?!)

Mrs. Blogoway gave me a link for a homemade Caesar salad that sounds divine: I just want to know if you go the whole nine yards and make the croutons too?

Sweet (how appropriate is that name!) is a HUGE fan of stevia and clued me in to some of the variety of flavors available in Sweet Leaf Stevia: vanilla creme English toffee, Valencia orange and root beer flavors, just to name a few. Go here to see more. I found the packets of stevia at the (small) local health food store. The only liquid she has available is plain. But I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more! (Sweet, I would love to come visit, do you have a page? If you don't want to leave a comment to that effect, my email is on my profile page.) Another friend added that you can bake with stevia too! I'm wondering if you substitute it equally?

Now, I'll tell you my new favorite breakfast. Two of them. A bonus one because I love you so much.

1 Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel 4:9 English muffin split and toasted (flourless, sprouted grains)
slather on some Smart Balance peanut butter
about a teaspoon of apple butter on each slice

One of the variations on my protein shakes:
1/2 cup non fat vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup 2% milk (or lower percent)
1 teaspoon honey
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
1/4 cup frozen cherries
whir and serve
voila! A healthy chocolate covered cherry!


InTheFastLane said...

OK, I'm cooking breakfast?

Jenny said...

We had kale last night, not on mashed potatoes though. I cooked mine just like she said but added a little honey, honey mustard and almonds.


Bebe said...

Hey girl!

Yes, it's really me on this calm and cloudless Georgia evening! You were so sweet to come over and leave me such nice little notes!! I appreciate that and your thinking of me while I was taking a break. I missed you, too!! :)

You were writing about your new healthy foods. Have you ever tried broccoli rabe? Sometimes you find it at Publix and it looks like regular broccoli except that it has leafy greens and some smaller little florets. It is packed full of all sorts of vitamins. One bunch usually cooks down to be about 2 servings. I heat up some olive oil and a teaspoon of unsalted butter, add in some chopped shallots, a couple drops of Cholula hot sauce, some fresh ground pepper; add in the washed and chopped greens, dash of balsamic vinegar, a dash of soy sauce--cook until the greens are tender. Yummy! Now, I want some for supper!

Hugs, Bebe :)

mrs. blogoway said...

Yeah, I always make my own croutons now. Once you get in the habit, you can cube your bread, toss them in the oven and they are baking while you make the dressing for the ceasar and it is SO worth it. They taste so much better than those gross little ones in the box.

honeybea3 said...

If you look up Jilian Mckeith from BBC you may be able to find more holistic recipes. I've been searching info on her. She has a show on BBC called "You are what you eat!" I'm learning alot from it. I'll try and send you a link to it when I ever get that part figured out!! Love ya sis