Monday, May 5, 2008

The Great Blackberry Takeover...Who's Winning?

Hey Ya'll!

Whew! Can you hang on a minute while I catch my breath?

Thanks. Gulp.


Man, what a weekend! It was wonderful and included a massage and pedicure, but it also included a 8 hour day at the salon on Saturday. I work the first Saturday of the month usually, and ideally, it's a manageable 8am to 2pm. I'm not sure what happened this past Saturday, but it was 8am to 4pm solid! I even did color on someone who was only scheduled for a haircut! It was worth it at the end of the day.

After work, I beat it over to this precious plant nursery called The Mad Potter and picked up some marigolds to put in with my tomato plants. Marigolds are supposed to repel pests that attack tomatoes. I'm putting them to the test. Of course, while I was there, I had to check out the herbs and am three herb plants richer now. I've added pineapple sage, orange mint and oregano (I think.). I've also gussied up the wrought iron planter at the back door with bright pink double impatiens and a lovely silvery, small leaved vine. (I forget what it's called.) I would have pics (and I'll get some) but the batteries in the camera are dead and I can't find the charger. Dang it!

I worked in the yard for a couple of hours yesterday and I'm excited that I'm beginning to see some progress. I'm fighting a never ending battle with blackberry brambles and I'm taking back my yard! I'm specifically trying to take back the area under my dining room window right now and boy, did it feel good to see a sizeable patch of it clear out significantly yesterday! There's a huge bed in the front yard that we would love to naturalize. Well, it's gone pretty natural so far. It's eaten up with honeysuckle and blackberries. Not quite the naturalization I had in mind. I may have to call someone in to help clear that out.

Obviously, I still have spring fever! Now, if I only had time (and money) to match desire!

P.S. I bought kale...and potatoes. I'll let you know how that kale over mashed potatoes goes.


InTheFastLane said...

Blackberries sound good...does yours make good fruit? I suppose you could get sick of them after a while, though.

Bebe said...

Hey girl,

Sounds like you had a swamped weekend, but you managed to get in some fun at the nursery. Does that nursery ship down here below Brunswick? I'm still searching for my weird mints (love to get orange mint). You asked what I do with them ~ well, sometimes I put them in the sweet tea, or put the leaves into a cake or cookies. Peppermint cookies! Mostly, I just like to go outside and smell all the different wonderful aromas!

Be careful before you cook or munch on that herb that you thought was oregano. It might not be! Google oregano and see if you can match the picture to the plant before you use it.

You've got the blackberry brambles, too? They have sprouted here all over my yard and have red berries on them. Pulling them up is fun will all those briars! LOL!

Hugs, Bebe :)

honeybea3 said...

Well sis, if I were there I could help ya dig. But I'm not so I'm just gonna cheer for ya. YAYYYY!!!
Can't wait to see ya! Did ya read my last blog I actually managed to get a link to inthefastlane on there. Whether it worked I have no idea! Love ya!

hepsmom said...

A more than full-time job as a hair stylist and weekends as yard woman?!? You're a better woman than I am!