Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Superchick Concert


Anonymous said...

You are becoming a MOST excellent photographer in your own right!

Most Excellent Photos, Dude! Not to mention the fact that they are of all Righteous Songs, too!

I'm glad you had a great time! :)

Bebe said...

Hey girl,
That looks like a fun concert!! What a way to spend an evening! That guitarist/singer guy at the end is kinda cute, too! :)
Hugs, Bebe :)

Peachfly said...

So is superchick a group anyone over 60 should know?

At 16 my oldest was into Duran Duran and (GAG) Boy George.

PROFOUNDLY APOLOGIZE for not showing up this was on a different day and I'm growing more and more senile...


Lady Em said...

That looks like a ton of fun!! Oh and I really like her hair, it's awesome and funky, and I love funky!!