Sunday, July 20, 2008

Field Trip

The good news is, my visit with my friend Susan was everything I had hoped it would be. The bad news is, I forgot the camera. I seem to have a penchant for that.

After entering the white picket gate and oohing and ahhing over the big sand pile and play structure outfitted with colorful garlands, we discovered we had a welcoming committee. A Great Dane began lumbering toward us, greeting us in his native tongue which I only hoped was friendly. My girl began climbing me like a tree. Unfortunate, since both arms were full. We made it to the door where Susan's husband rescued us and led us inside.

Delicious fragrances of lunch cooking made me thankful I hadn't snacked too much beforehand. I thought we were having pasta salad (based on prior information), but found instead we were having yellow rice with corn, broccoli and quail. I'd never had quail before in my life. It was quite good!

Susan had a teenage girl named Rachel helping her out around the house and she joined us for lunch. I found out that she has an interest in working in a salon. What a coincidence! I had a lot of information to share about that as did Susan since she is a hairstylist also.

After lunch, Rachel began cleaning up and I just generally looked around at all of Susan's displays. She has a long window over her sink and has suspended red martini glasses above the sink. There are interesting plates leaning against the window and you can see the window box full of silk sunflowers just outside the window. Susan had brewed coffee and as I helped myself to a second cup, I noticed a tray under the machine. I remarked to Rachel how brilliant I thought that was! My coffee machine leaks also and I just keep shoving it around and cleaning under it! Susan puts a tray under it! I made the comment, "Susan really thinks outside the box!" Rachel replied: "She doesn't have a box!" Perfectly describes Susan! I aspire to boxless thinking!

We turned the kids loose (Susan has a 10yr. old downs syndrome daughter) to play together which they did very well. The big girls played beauty shop! It is absolute heaven for a hairdresser to get her hair done in a relaxed way. Usually we catch as catch can. We each luxuriated in having our hair shampooed and getting color and highlights.

I finally decided it would be prudent to leave before I completely wore out my welcome, but I declare, I believe we could talk all night!

I can always guage the success of a trip by how disappointed my girl is because we are leaving. There were tears because we never went swimming. We brought our bathing suits and everything! We just never got around to it. Poor punkin.

We are already looking forward to our next visit!

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Dapoppins said...

Thanks for stopping by my place, but I have to say, I am disappointed by no pictures of Susan's home. It sounds really fun!

I also aspire to boxless thinking. How cool is that?