Monday, July 7, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

What a nice weekend we had!

We recently met a few new folks at the church we've begun attending and one of the families invited us over for dinner on the 4th. Just plain, unpretentious folks. I enjoyed visiting with them so much.
I love looking at other homes. I like to see the way people use their space, and decorate. I couldn't decide if I wanted to pull it out of the 80's (I did--the wallpaper! the kitchen cabinets!) or just enjoy the "homeyness" of it all. They have cared well for their space and their hospitality was a balm to my soul.
The following evening, we were back again for a church-wide ice cream social.

Oddly enough, although we've lived in this area for about 13 years, we don't really have any close friends here. I have a couple of good friends. Maybe I'm underestimating my friends, but I'm talking about the "hang-out-in-and-out-of-each-others-houses-all-the-time" kind of friends.

It seems easy to start a friendship. You know, the initial hit-it-off goes well. Then there's the "we should have you over" statement; which I really look forward to but rarely materializes. So when we met this couple, I wasn't sure how far this would get off the ground.

I know that I'm one half of the friend equation. Maybe I hold myself apart a little too much. Expecting others to do more than I'm willing to do. Not good.

I always feel a little guilty when people invite us over. I feel like I "owe" them an invite after to keep the playing field even. I really don't enjoy entertaining. Probably because I make too much out of it. Then there's all the stuff that needs to be done around our house. It's not a very welcoming sight right now.


Then I go back to feeling overwhelmed, wondering when all this will get better. (The house, I mean) We did make some progress over the weekend. A baby step, but a step, nevertheless.

Gotta remember this a marathon (maybe a couple of 'em) not a sprint.


InTheFastLane said...

I am not great at entertaining just because. But, I have to say that most of our good friends are family and friends from church.

Lady Em said...

I understand completly!! I kinda stand off from people at first to, and then I dive in face first once I find out what they're made of. It's a protection thing I think.
Oh and I hate having people over to my house unless I know like two weeks in advance, because I am like a tornado whirling around the house cleaning and mopping and making sure every corner is clean. And then I'm like a walking anxiety attack when they arrive until I settle down, that usually takes a glass of red wine.
Don't worry, take them out to lunch one Sunday afternoon, people love that.

ksw_rootswriter said...

The baby step at a time thing...reminder me of the childhood joke, "How do you eat an elephant?" (One bite at a time.) In the last couple days I've been working on our girl's room. At spring break I worked through the transition from Winter/Spring to Summer clothing. Here I am, again, but now we're making the size transition (from 4 to 5). OK, so half of her 4's need to be given away since she's grown out of them. The other half, though, still fit. So I've had to make room for adding the 5's while only eliminating half the 4's. (Are you with me still?)

And then she reminds me that I had promised to change her room theme from Hello Kitty to Cinderella. I abruptly pop out of "clothing cleaning" mode and find myself changing curtains, bedding, wall decor.

What was I thinking?! I came in here to put away the clothes; the drawer clothes are all done, but the hangups still remain in a pile.

Yeesh...I have all the symptoms...I've got cleaning ADHD.