Thursday, July 10, 2008

Watch My Weekend Fly By

I woke up this morning and sat on the side of the bed, my head in my hands.


How did we get here? Again. So fast?

I automatically dressed to go to the weight lifting class at the gym. Then as my brain began kicking in, I thought about going to the gym, but working out on my own instead of going to the class. I think I'm getting a little bored.

So here I am all dressed to go to the gym and I'm not going. Because after further thought, I've decided to stay home and work out. Come to think of it the truck is on empty. Another good reason not to drive across town.

Thursday, for me, are what Friday is for everyone else in the workforce since I'm off on Friday and Saturday. I start thinking about my weekend and what that will entail. I begin planning my course, feeling optimistic about what I'll accomplish. Sorting my schedule.

I'm already a little bummed. This weekend will be a busy one, no lazy days at home. My girl is in gymnastics camp this week which means a trip to the local waterpark Friday to top things off. I usually buy groceries on Friday which means I may look like a drowned rat unless I figure out a different time to do that. I'm due for a massage Friday as well. Pity that will be BEFORE the festivities at the water park. Maybe I can get my salon responsiblilities finished today so that won't be a factor on Friday.

I'm working Saturday from 8:30 till about 2, which isn't bad, but there goes the bulk of Saturday. Maybe not. I have no plans after work.

Sunday, at least the first half of the day will be devoted to church. After being out of church for most of this year, (a story unto itself) we've been attending a church again. It's been refreshing and encouraging. A relief to both of us who weren't too sure we'd go back to church again. (Considering that we've never, NOT gone to church, not going to church was a big deal.)

See, my weekend's gone and it hasn't even started yet! I hate when I do that!


InTheFastLane said...

I seem to have done the same thing to my summer...bummer.

hepsmom said...

I hate that feeling! I have been fortunate to be enjoying some lazy days, but school is looming!

Jay O'Toole said...

Little Lady, You "Think TOO Much!" Haven't we done this dance before?

Only the last time I heard those words, I believe their trajectory was 180 degrees opposite...Please! Correct me if I'm wrong. :} Hmmmm? ;) S

hepsmom said...

I saw this blog while blog surfing. Very dangerous, I know because you never know what you'll get, but when you get a gem like this, it's worth it!

Lady Em said...

Hey Lady, you have an award waiting on you!! Go to my page to find out!!