Saturday, July 12, 2008

Waterpark Survival

For those of you waiting with baited breath to see if I survived the water park...

I did.

My skin is slightly "crispy" in a couple of areas. For some reason I didn't put sun block on my arms. Left to my own devices to cover my back caused me to have strange red streaks on my back where my hands didn't reach.

Why did my legs not get any sun? I was not in the water the whole time, I sat on the side, stretching out my legs in an attempt to knock the white off. But it looks as if someone buried half of me. Maybe it's because as I walk around, my shoulders are closer to the sun. :)

My girl, of course, had a fabulous time. I think I tolerate the water park simply because I watch her having so much fun. I truly gives me such pleasure.

O.K. I just want to know how you mom's with multiple children do it?! At one point the coach left me to keep an eye on three little girls (one being my own). One of the children would haul off in another direction, and I, leaving two unattended, would have to run, Baywatch style, across the pool to catch her and bring her back to the fold. I'm a mom who doesn't like to lose sight of her girl for one second and found it impossible to do that with three. Then there was getting distracted people watching too! The coach, who is maybe, 18, was really relaxed about the whole thing. She had about 10 kids in all, by herself. All but three were older and pretty much had the run of the water park. The would come find her occasionally, but otherwise were on their own. I WOULD FREAK OUT! Then, I really thought about it. The whole area is pretty much fenced in. There are life guards all over the place, several in each area. The play areas are entertaining enough to keep the children pretty much in one spot and I keep a life jacket on my girl while she's there.

Doesn't matter.

I still have to see my girl. No sitting on the sidelines reading a book for me.

Maybe when she's older.



Rose Campion said...

I can't say I blame you. A kid can drown in minutes in even shallow water or otherwise get in trouble. I don't have kids myself, but even I get super paranoid when I'm around my sister's kids.

But I'm also a Girl Scout leader for older girls, middle school and high school. By the teenage years, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll be more than happy to let them run around the water park all by themselves. My troop goes on an all day trip to a water park every summer.

As for sunburn. Nothing, in my opinion, beats the SPF of clothing. Whenever I'm not in the water, I'm wearing something that covers arms and shoulders. I'm very fair and Mr Sun is not my friend.

ksw_rootswriter said...

Hmmm...let's just say maybe when she's older than nine. I'm still not at the point of leaving them for a minute.'s such a blessing when all three have learned to swim across a pool--because now I've moved from needing to touch all three at once to being able to simply view all three at one. Plus, once they can swim + if I'm with them, I don't mind them being in the deep end.

Rose Campion said...

Yeah. Nine is still pretty young. Most of the girls in my GS troop are like 15 and older. They wouldn't be caught dead with their uncool old leader around them. ;)