Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whacked Out Day

Today a couple of serendipitous things have happened.

First, a long, "lost" friend invited me for lunch (along with one of my other business partners). It was soooo good to see her.
You don't want me as a friend. Although I'll love you deeply and think about you all the time, I'll never call or write. Difficult to maintain a relationship like that. (Exception: one of my friends reads my blog and I read her blog and we stay in touch through comments. Works for me!)
Susan is one of my wackiest friends. She laughs easily, is incredibly creative and a great, GREAT hairdresser. She invited me and my girl out to her house Friday (I'll gladly sacrifice the gas to drive that 30 minutes to her house.) I always get so inspired when I see her house. She is a great, but offbeat decorator. I'll try to get some pics and preserve that inspiration.

I've smoothly sailed through this morning's schedule even while accommodating a client who showed up and hour later than her scheduled time. I never told her differently. Even though she arrived about 10 minutes before my next appointment who actually did have an 11:30 appointment! Thank God for my assistant who shampooed while I cut.
As if that weren't enough, 4 pm rolled around and I went to the waiting area where I found one of my clients (not the one on my book, though) ready for her color appointment---which was 2 weeks ago. I'd been wondering if she had rescheduled but didn't see her on my book yet. In the spirit of "can do", I said come on back! My 4 o'clock appointment never showed, and when I got the bright idea to check the messages on the phone, I found she had canceled. (Thank you, Jesus for filling that gap!)

After all that craziness, I needed a little "therapy" and sent the assistant down the block to the new bakery for a red velvet cupcake and a cup of coffee.

Made it all better, it did.


Rose Campion said...

Red velvet cupcakes are my favorite too. Fox and Obel here in Chicago make the best red velvet cupcakes. Lucky they're a long El ride away, otherwise I'd be in trouble.

I'm like you. I'm no bloody good at keeping up long distance friendships. My excuse is that I've got three sisters and my parents that all live out of state, so whatever attention I have for that sort of thing all goes to them. It's great that you'll have a chance to catch up with your friend though.

Lady Em said...

Red velvet is one of my favorites!!!!
I love wacky friends, they are the best!!
(P.S. I think I am going to go back blond now that I am pregnant, since it's the natural color and that will be low key for me. What is that treatment, I had it once, it's French to get the red out of your hair?)