Saturday, July 5, 2008

This Is The Official HippyChick Summer Newsletter

Well, it's the 4th of July weekend.

I try to remember it as Independence Day to remind myself of the reason for the holiday, but for some reason, "4th of July" is way easier to say. Nevertheless, my patriotic heart continues to beat.

We have had no plans to do much of anything this weekend. How is that different from any other weekend, I'd like to know?!

Yesterday, for the first time in I don't know when, I actually had a Friday off. I didn't even drive by the salon! I did all the bookwork Thursday evening after work and was done in an hour! I dropped the deposit in the night slot and Friday was truly mine!

I celebrated my luxurious day off by sending the family on a picnic to the park, looking around at the house and bursting into tears. Every where I look there is so much to do, I don't even know where to start. It feels I shuffle stuff from one place to another, never exactly dealing with it. Of course, several projects would get done a lot faster if they had the benefit of some money behind them. But, thanks to the IRS, the dentist and the accountant, that won't be available for awhile.


BUT. I can take baby steps, cleaning and tossing to my heart's content which will keep me busy until then. I'm positive of that.

You know? The benefit (for me) of the poor economy right now is the fact that it is really forcing me to simplify my life. Up till now, I've been looking at simplifying as a novel idea--a new hobby, if you will. A "let me try this and see if I can make it work" kind of thing. Now, it is becoming much more of a necessity. Especially with a few extra (if temporary) bills to pay.

Business is down a little. I can't tell if it's from the summer season, or the economy. I have had a couple of people stretch their appointment time further. Especially those who drive a ways to see me. Then, there are those who swear they would go without food before giving up getting their hair done. I'd personally rather cut my own hair, cuz this girl's gonna eat.

Although I'm working full time, I'm having a lovely summer. I've been reading up a storm. Lot's of light stuff along with more serious reading. I've been spending more time with the family. Hubby and I have seemed to turn a corner in our relationship and I think a lot of the changing has been in me. I've been learning to trust his heart. I listen. I've spent so much time not listening because I was too busy disagreeing in my head to whatever was coming out of his mouth.

Our girl is surprising me every day with her abilities. She's been to gymnastics camp all day for a week. I was afraid it would be too much for her and that she would be tired and irritable, but she is very resilient. We are still coaxing and coaching her in the potty training area, and if I don't scream and pull my hair out...

I'll call it a successful summer.


honeybea said...

ref your comment on my blog bout the old house. I barely remeber the old house, mostly the kitchen, living room, and a little bit of the bathroom. I know we had a door that led outside in our room because our room was really the front room or something. Do you remember building/sculpting stairs in the hillside out the back door behind the barn where Sport was tied up? And growing cucumbers? I remember when we went to pick them the stickers on them made my fingers hurt.

Lady Em said...

Oh Lord. It's been slow for us to. You can tell the economy is down in the dumpers. We're in insurance, so it's been scraping by a lot of the time. We're have to simplify to, although sometimes we don't know where to start. I like summer, but so far this one has been hard. I love fall, and I hope it brings some hope and brighter days. Hang in there lady!!