Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Believing. Through a Child's Eyes.

I know a little girl who wil be five on Friday.

Oh my gosh! She's mine!

Months ago, we went to visit a horse farm. They board horses and give lessons. My hubby, who is a cowboy at heart, did some drooling and dreaming over the horses. He would love to have one, but alas, our budget will not contain anyone else who is not contributing to the family in a monetary or otherwise functional way.

While we were there, my girl observed a couple of young girls having their riding lesson. She declared that she would like to ride a horse. There is a policy that you have to be at least five before they allow you to ride.


Ever since that visit, baby girl has said on a regular basis, "On my birthday, when I am five, I can ride a horse!" In great anticiption, we are marking days off on the calendar. I asked her a couple of days ago, "So, what do you want to do for your birthday?"

Bet you can't guess what she said.

Shall we say it together?...

"I'm going to ride a horse!"

I asked her where she thought she would go to ride a horse.

"The horse farm!!"

Of course.


honeybea said...

Where do I find one of those down here. Your niece LOVES horses too. I guess she got something from her Uncle Stan. It better be the only thing(just kidding) Love you!

ksw_rootswriter said...

Baby girl's eyes are beautiful.

Melanie said...

Tell her Auntie Melanie said Happy Birthday. hehe

Lady Em said...

Oh happy birthday!!!!!!!! Horses are so much fun to ride!!