Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is There Any Help for Me?

Why am I such a reluctant runner?

I go to bed at night pumped up and planning where I'll go to run, how far I'll run and map out a route in my head. I'll weigh the options of running around my neighborhood, driving up town and running around town (where there are more sidewalks), or going to the gym and getting on the treadmill. At night, all of those sound like great ideas.

Somehow, those grand ideas hold no power whatsoever when my ears hear the alarm and my eyes struggle to open the next morning. I amble around, drinking coffee and cruising the internet and then realize, I really need to get ready to go...wherever.

Now, I'm awake and ready to run but can't because I've got to go wherever my obligation takes me that day.


Sometimes I don't like me very much.


InTheFastLane said...

I have the problem too, sometimes. It is just so much easier to not start. It is the starting the run that is the hardest part.

hepsmom said...

Yeah? Put on your clothes and go to the gym. You'll feel really silly at the gym not working out. Just get in the car! Or just leave your house and tell yourself you're going to run a mile. Once you get started, you can't stop.

Or get your assistant at work or a colleague to ask you if you've run that day (or the day after). Sometimes the accountability helps.

If you were just wanting to vent, I'm sorry for offering solutions. If you were wanting solutions, maybe these can help!

Bebe said...

Hey girl!

You and I have the same problem. I have big ideas in the daytime about how I want to exercise, but then when that clock goes off, it becomes "well, it can wait just one more day!!"

Sometimes, it is so bad that I say "it's kind-of cloudy and might rain, so maybe I'll wait until tomorrow," or "there's not much wind out there, so the bugs will be awful (you can get away with this in South Georgia!)." Don't worry, you'll get into a routine soon! :)

Lots of hugs, Bebe :)