Thursday, September 11, 2008

My World

What a week!

I, for one, will be glad to see this weekend arrive if only to catch my breath.

It has been busy at work with clients waiting in the wings for cancellations (that aren't happening) and one of the girls has gone on maternity leave and I'm doing the ordering that she was doing on top of the other responsiblities I usually take care of . Let's just say it is taking me all week to place one of the orders because I've been getting it together between clients and chasin down other orders that haven't arrived.

I did something new that I've never done before... I gave a lady a microdermabrasion service yesterday. I practiced on one of my employees last week. I think it went well, because she rebooked with me. Our esthetician left, so it's up to all of us to perform these services now.
Oh joy.

I have worked out every day this week, so I am taking off today! Last night at Bootcamp, America (yes, that's really her name) pushed me to use more weight on bicep curls. The phrase "come on girl, you can do more than that!" just get's me. What can I say, I'm powerless to peer pressure. I told her I would be so sore today I wouldn't be able to lift the scissors and she just looked at me and said, "Pshht". She did spot me which helped immensely and I did it. I'm not feeling as sore as I thought I would! In fact, my biceps are not sore at all!

Gotta come home tonight and bake "pink" cupcakes for the big day tomorrow! I'm so excited about my girl's birthday! She is going to have so much fun and I'm going to help! I'll show you the pics as soon as I can....


Lady Em said...

Microdermabrasion sounds fun. I wonder if it's painful? You are amazing. How you manage to juggle all that you do and work out with a women named America who seems hard core is beyond me. You go!!!!!!

Liz said...

It would be hard to not succumb to encouragement from someone named America. :) Good for you!

honeybea said...

Yup, sounds like my life right now. Moving in two weeks,juggling a two year old, working part-time, cleaning, packing, running errands to the courthouse to file responses to lawsuits, will it end anytime soon? Not to mention the secretarial work done for the church. Yup, it's a busy life.
Crap, I forgot what day it was. please give your girl a hug from her Aunt Bea and tell her I said happy belated B-day. I don't mean to be a bad aunt. I certainly envisioned an entirely different relationship with her as I watched her enter this world. I've failed at that vision. I think of her often though, please let her know that. :( sniff)