Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Just Don't Get It

I cannot comprehend how, one day, Clinton is bashing Obama and then ready to be his Vice President the next.
The political process baffles me.


hepsmom said...

I totally understand. It's politics; therefore, logic isn't applicable.

He SO doesn't want her as his VP, but he may have to. I don't know what's scarier for him; Hillary as VP or Hillary NOT as VP. Bill has been shooting off his mouth a lot, and very inappropriately lately.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, I'm planning on going to the gym in the morning this week. I'm thinking 5ish {cringe}, so that I can be through. I'm still working this week. Next week, if you wanna, we could go a little later. It'd be great to get in this mode as a routine.

hepsmom said...

Also on the picture thing, no picture of the finish, but plenty at the beginning and a couple during. I don't have them, my friend has them.

I hate getting ready to go run and hate the running sometimes during, especially if I'm running outside, BUT I love how I feel after. I can also feel my butt getting stronger. This sounds crazy, but you know what I mean. It also makes me feel as if my abs and back are getting stronger.

Bear said...

Hey Angela, it doesn't baffle me at all. She is so hungry for power and the trappings that go with it, she'll say or do ANYTHING to get it...and not blink an eye. She also knows that VP is a clear stepping stone to the Presidency, so she would still be "in the game"...and Bill would still be roaming the White House halls...good grief. Lock up the interns!! Bear