Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Than I Bargained For

I worked out this morning, but if it hadn't been at the insistence of the personal trainer, I may not have (and probably should not have) gone to the gym this morning.

It started when the alarm went off at 5:30. Instead of popping up and feeling awake, I groggily bounced off the walls to the bathroom, found my gym clothes, dressed and finding that had taken all of three minutes, I reset the alarm and went back to bed.

Fifteen minutes later, I'm up again and on my way to the gym.

Once I got there, I decided I didn't want to carry around all the keys I own, so I found the gym card on my key ring and took that set of keys in with me--after studiously looking at them and sternly telling myself not to lose them. I put the rest of my keys in the hidey hole for safe keeping

We're cruising along in our workout when I look up into one of the mirrors and think, "wow, my shirt design really has faded. And I can read it in the mirror. That's weird....OHHH, my shirt's on inside out!" The girl I'm working out with and my personal trainer just look at me and say they thought I meant for it to be that way! Really?!

Finally (!) we're done and I head out and it's only halfway to the truck that I realize the keys in my hand will do me absolutely no good because I am holding the keys to the car in my hand. The keys to the truck are in the hidey-hole inside the locked truck.

Fortunately, since I had just worked out, I was full of endorphins and didn't panic. I walked back in the gym and tried to call my husband knowing that was a fruitless venture BECAUSE HE WAS ASLEEP IN BED AND COULDN'T HEAR A FREIGHT TRAIN GO THROUGH THE BEDROOM.

Home is so far away when you are across town with wheels you can't access.

Endorphins fast fading, I found my personal trainer who graciously agreed to ride my pitiful self home.

I bet if I had run/walked home, I wouldn't have to work out any more this week!


InTheFastLane said...

Nice start to the morning, eh? Although I find that I always stumble around in the morning. It is a good thing I am not usually driving anywhere.

hepsmom said...

Boo on the leaving of the keys in the transportation! I'd better haul it up there and do what I've gotta do. I'm right there with you in the "I don't want to" mode.

Hope your day gets better. If it gets worse, OH NO!


LunaNik said...

I once locked my keys in the car while it was running. Yep, I'm a smart one ;)