Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who Knew?

Who knew six years ago that I would be wishing you a Happy Father's Day?

We had no idea what we were in for, we just knew we had been handed a gift beyond measure.

How things have changed!

I have grown to admire you so much as I've watched you grow to fill the role of Daddy. Nothing is more attractive to me than watching you as you tenderly love our daughter.

You are indeed, a good Daddy.

But it hasn't come easily, has it?

It has pulled and stretched us. Our relationship has been sorely tested. Being parents has brought to the fore aspects of us that I think we never realized were there. I've wondered, sometimes, if we would stand the strain.

Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to be a stay at home Daddy.

You've sacrificed your very manhood, unselfishly, in order to provide for our family on a higher, intangible level. I've watched you wrestle with the emotions that are a result of that, and all I can say is how grateful I am for you. For your passion and love for your two girls.

You are an incredible man.

I love you so much.


InTheFastLane said...

Very Sweet. you are blessed.

Jay O'Toole said...

Thank you, Lady! I am incredibly honored and encouraged to hear these amazing words!

I never wanted to believe that I had grandiose ideas of being God's gift to Mankind, but I am sure that I thought way too highly of myself before the Joy of parenting.

Now, I think I'm a little closer to truth mentally...I am an honored beggar serving the most beneficent Monarch caring for two of the greatest princesses He has ever created.

I wouldn't have it any other way. :)