Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Not One to Offer Fashion Advice, but....

I wish I could wear camisoles by themselves and look like this.

But I don't like sharing that much of my self with everyone and their brother. For me, the purpose of a camisole is to help add a layer of concealment to a dress or top that plunges a bit too deeply or to simply add a pop of color under my clothing. Problem is, by the time I put clothing on top of a camisole, it has disappeared. Look how low that cami is! And it doesn't even meet her pants! What's the point?!

So, I've been on a hunt to find a cami better suited to my needs and I'm here to tell you it can't be found in the mainstream retail outlets.

One of my friends put a bug in my ear and told me to check out Modbe. I found a wonderful selection of camisoles that were modest in not only appearance, but also price.

Then I searched for "modest camisoles" and came up with these sweet camisoles. These are the ones I actually ordered so I will let you know if they are the end all be all of the camisole world.

Now...isn't this better?

Some of these particular camis are on sale at shade!

I smell a shopping spree!!


InTheFastLane said...

I agree!!! Lets go shopping!

honeybea said...

And you can own a business! Did you see that on Modbe?

Lucy said...

I quite that gap must get drafty...and I don't like drafts!!

a suburban housewife said...

Going braless in a cami? Girl PLEASE!!!! Let me introduce you to my very good friend, Gravity!!!