Saturday, November 15, 2008

My First Attempt...

My first crude attempt at making a "hip purse".

Because I'm impatient, I did this very quickly. I grabbed a ball point pen and drew directly on my fabric thinking it would come out in the wash...maybe. Here is my cut pattern. I ended up cutting off the short "tabs". (At the top and bottom of the pic.) I sewed them on separately.

I had some help removing pins before they were fed through the sewing machine.

The light fabric is canvas, the inner fabric lining is polyester (perhaps?), slightly stretchy but of good weight.

Wrong side out. I was so happy that it turned out as well as it did. Considering that I just cut things out and sewed them together!

I envision that flap folding over the length of the front of the purse. It's far too short, but adequate. I haven't decided what to use for a strap yet. And of course there's the whole embellishing aspect left, but...not bad for a rough draft,eh?


*kim* said...

love the cute purse.

Becoming Me said...

Very cute! I tried my hand at sewing...didn't go so well.

hepsmom said...

Wowsers! You are everso crafty. Nice job, especially for your first try!

Also, your "blogscape" is tres cute.

Lucy said...

hey, love your new look blogwise - and the purse is lovely too...I am just as impatient with things like that. I have a sewing machine but really can't use it very well. I should get it out and just try something.

Lucy said...

ps hope you feel better soon! Infections in sinuses are horrible. x