Wednesday, October 10, 2007

CrAzY wEeK

I am just trying to keep up this week. I haven't even left for lunch in the past two days. Today, I made sure I have a lunch hour especially because I'm booked solid from 9a-7p. Ah, well, that's the way the business is. Feast or famine. I'm very grateful and blessed for all that hair that sits in my chair. Truly.

Yeah, so, my mind is so blank today. I never seem to be at a loss for words or thoughts, but it would seem so today. I got nothing.

The photo above is an original piece of art by me. Sorry for the grass at the bottom. That is not part of the piece,but seems appropriate considering the subject. The lighting is just better outside. Especially to show the colors. It was an accidental painting. One day, I started painting with no plan and that's what happened. It is nothing profound, but I do love how the colors evolved. Simple. Happy. My goal in life.


HeyJules said...

I think it's beautiful. I also think it's very YOU.

InTheFastLane said...

I love the colors in the painting.

ksw_rootswriter said...

OK, I just have to say that I love the grass in it. I looked at the picture a while before I read the blog, so I did not realize it did not belong there. It truly "grounds" the photo (no pun intended). The lighting is great.